not that this is exactly news to anyone here, but some of the language in their platform is simply breathtaking.  if there is any one thing to determine which political party is the "party of God", it's the stance of the GOP on Science. 

i understand that not all Atheists are Democrats or Liberals, but i can't for the life of me figure out how an Atheist could be a Republican.  this site's founder, Brother Richard, claims to be a Republican.  how could you be an Atheist and be a member of the party that shuns reason in favor of Religious bull honky?  forget about all the other stuff that most Atheists tend to agree on (gay rights, abortion, racial equality, etc.) - this one item that is uniquely Republican should make the GOP a party to be shunned by the Atheist community. 

Creationism is bad enough, but to throw in climate change denial makes it impossible to be on that side of the political spectrum for me.  this is not just extreme but extremely dangerous.  if their ideology wins, America will not be a country worth of envy from the rest of the world.  worse yet, this type of behavior is becoming more mainstream.  we may call the anti-science movement "wingnuts" or "batshit crazy", but it seems to matter not.  it's spreading through their ranks, and they are convinced that they are right.  we know how Believers act when they "know" they are right about something - there is no amount of reason or logic that can change their minds. 

there is a lot a stake in the fall elections.  i'd love to hear from any Conservative Atheists here at A/N to explain how you can be an Atheist and a Republican. 

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