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What's to discuss?  It's propaganda / indoctrination for little ones, to sink the hook early and make certain they toe the dogmatic line.  That these ... [sigh, SO tempted to use expletives] ... "people" choose to do this to children is just about as tragic as when at least some of these kids learn some years downstream from there that They Have Been LIED To.

a study came out today showing that those accepting conservative economic policy also tend to distrust science.  and i don't mean "controversial" science like evolution.  i mean science like hiv causes aids and smoking causes lung cancer.  i sense a connection between the conservative movement and the religious right, so this makes sense to me.  

They want to snuff the cause / effect chain.  They want to allow magic into the equation.  They want to do ANYTHING which gives them wiggle room to make what they want to believe possible.

We cannot, should not, MUST NOT allow that.  At the risk of sounding impolite and inconsiderate, these people need to be bitch-slapped with the truth until they wake up and acknowledge it.  They need to understand that their belief system does not alter reality, much as they might want it to.  In other words:

You have a right to your own opinions, but you do not have a right to your own facts.
-- Daniel Patrick Moynahan

I couldn't help but notice the happy smiley face on the top of the paper for the student who got all the answers right, and all the knowledge wrong.  The real shame of this, in my estimation, is that it is the first step toward dragging the US into 3rd world nation status.  Make sure the children are ignorant, taught bronze aged mythologies as fact, and have them totally unprepared to enter the modern world of engineering, science, technology, medicine, etc.  Yes, they'll be able to text their current BFF, but have no freaking clue as to why it works, how to improve on the science and develop new technologies, and advance the human condition.  But they sure will "loves them some Jesus" as they watch China, India, and/or others be the first to walk on Mars, with all the benefits that will accrue as a result.




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