In a report from the Huffington Post, dated 3/22/2014, it is reported that Creationists are demanding equal time on the Fox series "Cosmos", hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Though some philosophers of science regard Creation Science and Intelligent Design theory as legitimate science, but that it is bad science, what makes these Creationists really think their faith-based ideas and theories of a universe and life created by an intelligent designer can compete in the world of good science, wherein ideas are tested through observation and experimentation, where the ideas that fail are tossed, and the ideas that pass are accepted by science as fact, and where theories are amended when new and better evidence is presented ? Something that is lacking in Creationism, which refuses to change with the presentation of new information. They simply find a dishonest way of forcing new ideas to fit with the foundation of Creation Science (viz., the Bible). What are all of your all's thoughts on the matter ?

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Oh, you make my heart sing! This is exactly the kind of action needed to get started! Fine job. 

Is there a specific place you found this information about science curriculum, or did you have to do some digging. If so, where does one start?

Excellent work, Craig.

We need more programs such as Neil deGrasse Tyson presented. Some great additions to the list are 

Brian Greene,

Brian Cox, Wonders Of Life

Lawrence Krauss, The Big Debates: The Best Of Lawrence Krauss

Daniel Dennett on Death, Religion, Morality, Politics and more

this is just a beginning



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