What are the first few things you do upon returning home? I mean, within the first few minutes of stepping through the door of your residence and closing it behind you; what do you immediately do?

Myself, I immediately go into my bedroom and put my playlist on. I remove my pants and put on sweats or athletic shorts, depending on the weather; remove any shirt and replace with a sweater or a t-shirt just barely maintaining it's structural integrity, depending on the weather. Then I recline at my desk and read something fun.

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I usually feed my cat as soon as I walk in the door (he will pester me relentlessly if I don't). Then, I usually get on the interwebs for half an hour or so to check the news, check my email and stocks, and read at a few message boards. Usually, the cat will come sit in my lap or sit in the window next to my desk after he gets done eating.
Another WoW player, we are everywhere these days, just like those darn atheists.
I like many cat owners, must first deal with the mewing of "feeeeeeeeeeeeed! me" first. Then it is changing out of the work clothes, into the house clothes and right into making dinner.

After that it is kitty play-time, TV (depending on what I have on my DivxBox to watch), Internet and if it is a raid night, hoping onto WoW (yes I am a gamer geek) and smacking a few pixelated monsters around. My life is pretty low key these days, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of my 20's.
cat owners?

Surely, Jay Barti, you are hallucinating.
I might be... who's asking? lol

Hmmm this is a better description.

I have kittens, who choose to let me think I am in charge, bless their fuzzy evil hearts. Who needs god when one has Cats.
Or rabbits...
When i get home,the shoes come off, I then go see how the rabbit is doing,then I might play the mandolin,turn the computer,plop the rabbit on me and skretch his head and cheek and read a book,etc.
take off my shoes, ignore the cat while I look at the mail. Then change out of my work clothes, pay attention to the cat. Say hi to the bf and go find something to do. I suck.
I usually crack open a beer, then head into my studio and see if Im feeling creative enough to sling some paint. But lately I've been working on beer labels for my cousin's brewery. :)
I flop down on the futon and turn on the old boobtube. Shoes might come off, but that really depends on how lazy I'm feeling. If there is any energy left in me, I grab the ole laptop and surf for a while.
Not related to the subject at all but its funny I saw your little Gir b/c I watched every invader zim episode Monday when I was recovering from a little outpatient surgery.
Best seeming non-sequitur in thread. The curiousity... it burns!
After a workday, my husky usually greets me at the door like she hasn't seen me in a week. I say hi to the wife and kids, and see how their day went. I then change into some shorts and a t-shirt. I might do some chores for a bit around the house, then I usually throw on some headphones, crank some tunes off my blackberry, and take the dog for a several mile walk. As I'm walking I pull up A/N and catch up on the posts. (If I thought there was enough interest and reason to, I'd start a "Blackberry Atheists" group.)




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