Beware of ‘creeping fundamentalism’ in your area. With challenging and reason-based arguments and questions, test the mentality of the people who run your local atheist/humanist/ philosophy-oriented meetings. If you see any inconsistency in their views, or contradictory statements/policies, then it is wise, and highly recommended, to doubt their mission. Some people may not be what they are claiming to be!

That’s what I have learned from my personal experience, anyway. I attended a meeting held under the name of Philosophy. The speaker was introduced as a philosophy teacher. Once in a while, he mentioned such names as Socrates, Plato, philosophers, etc. etc. But his argument was entirely a theological sermon based on the teachings of the Bible and on what he called the eastern philosophy. His presentation was a totally meaningless metaphysical discussion which had nothing to do with philosophy, or with rational thinking. 

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And as always, also check with challenging and reason-based arguments whether or not your atheist representatives are actually what you might call "rational atheists", or whether they're just irrational atheists who base their beliefs in weird ideological biases instead of facts and carefully reasoned evidence.

There's plenty of those as well.


True rationalists know that fundamentalism can run both ways.

This sounds like a bait-and-switch tactic.




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