i watched a movie that criminals go to hell. i see it wrong because there's a reason why they become a criminal like poor parenting, environment, genes, etc.

i guess the problem of other religion didn't recognize mental problem because they are afraid that people have thinking that crimes are not made of evil.

i just want open a topic about this. i want to see the opinion of other atheist.

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Dan Rea,

You are correct and good in your sentiments but are going a little overboard in expressing them. What you say appears to mean that you may kill some one, with some good reason to do so, because you know that there is no hell. The religious faithful argue in the same fashion and say that atheists may not have morals because they do not believe in religion. I just want to say that we should be more careful with our woeds and should not create an opportunity for the religious ones to criticise atheism.




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