it's a case of apple meets tree.  in case you're wondering where Ted Cruz gets his worldview, please feel free to watch the video of Rafael Cruz Sr. speaking to a Tea Party group earlier this year. 

the beliefs of the elder Cruz are a hodgepodge of Christian fundamentalist fantasies.  he's a Dominionist, and a believer in "end times wealth transfer" (basically a justification of getting rich to square the circle with Jesus' teachings).  all of which makes it hard to take his other, political beliefs seriously.  he believes Obama is a dictator, a marxist, and a Kenyan. 

one might think that his Cuban heritage, along with his son's Canadian citizenship, would make the far right suspicious of such a character.  one would be wrong.  somehow, through his membership in their God's Only Club, they've embraced him and his son as modern Messiahs.  the two of them have decided who the real Americans are (hint - they're included) and shockingly far right ideologues have decided they agree with the Cuban and the Canadian! 

if all of this feels crazy that's because it is.  it's fueled by two very powerful sources.  the obvious one is religion.  it's a reminder of just how delusional religion can make people.  the other source is hatred.  hatred of Obama, hatred of "others", hatred of every non-white Evangelical gun touting bigot, and hatred of everyone that isn't them.  how very Christian. 

the two Cruz's are the heroes of AM hate radio and Fox News crowd.  they couldn't love them more.  amazing how they hate the foreign usurper Obama but love the foreign born Patriots Rafael and Ted Cruz.  i think they should be more suspicious.  what better way to destroy America than to grind it's political system to a halt?  or to help sew hostility towards our government?  Tea Party Patriots claim they love this country more than anyone, and they represent the real America.  the Cruzification of the GOP is a test of that theory.  right now they're failing it. 

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I've gotta agree booklover.  The religious right get spookier everyday.

other than the Bing home page, i agree.  

In a other thread, "The Flying Atheist" referred to the game of "whack-a-mole". 

As someone who has been out of the social loop since DeSoto's were in vogue

I had to look it up. 

Seems like a fitting description of trying to keep track of Fundipublicans.  If it's not one nut case, it's another.

is it that catholic mthrfkr from canada? or am I mistaken

bad enough there's a freak ass sicko canadian down the way here flipping out imho

blame the vatican. it's ok you know!?!? 

Contraception for victory!!!

Amazing that you still hear all that "hatred of Obama" thing and him not being a US citizen. Strange to me that you hear it form attorneys and other so called smart people. Obama, they say, was born in Kenya.

Let's look at some heritage and blood line facts here OK. Did Obama's mother come from Kansas and was she a US citizen? Yes. In times past only the male parent was used in determining citizenship, but that time has changed. Today it is either parent.

                                                              NOW IMAGINE

The Gestapo police are at the home of a US citizen demanding her child because Germany wants to re-claim all of it's citizens. The woman of the house has to explain to her crying son, Billy, that he has to go with them because he was actually born in Germany. Yes, she is a US citizen, but Billy was born in Germany. Reluctantly Billy leaves with the men and has to live out his days in Germany.

Hey, nutjob. Not every nation has the same immigration and birth right laws that the US has, so stop hating and get used to the black man, OK.




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