I guess if you live long enough you begin to hear everything or almost everything you expected.  You begin to see a hypocrisy that runs our country, meaning the US.  If you’ve been watching the news lately, Gov. Perry of Texas is crying foul.  He believes he’s being picked on, and pointed out for his Christian beliefs.  Isn’t that a turnaround?  Isn’t it funny that our country has a majority, based on Christian beliefs, and he’s claiming he’s being attacked for his beliefs?  It wasn’t too long ago; that if you registered your child for Boy or Girl Scouts, and you wrote that you were an atheist, your children were no longer allowed to belong to those wonderful organizations.  It used to be that if you believed in witchcraft, you were hung.  Here is a Christian presidential candidate, hopeful, crying foul that his Christian base and his Christian running mates are turning on him for his beliefs.  How could that be while Mitt Romney proves that all you have to do to have multiple wives is become a Mormon, and still be under the shelter of the Christian religion.  Recently, the church refused to marry a mixed couple because one of the two was Jewish, but later came back and said they’d perform the ceremony for a $5,000 donation.  Whether you call it hypocrisy or stupidity, who is Gov. Perry looking to for support now?  Running on a Christian poll for protection, and now crying that his Christian running mates are attacking him?   If you have another funny story that has its basis in reality, please share.  Because if you don’t think this is a sick joke, then tell me what it is.

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