Did anyone stay up and watch Curiosity land? I feel like the only one in my group of friends.  I managed to check Facebook and it's sadly devoid of all posts mentioning it except for mine.  I even got a "What is the Curiosity Rover" comment by someone.  However, it is full of posts about Jesus.  I love the Bible Belt, or Mobile, AL for that matter. Anyway, I thought the entire process was amazing.  I got home from work about 30 minutes before it entered the atmosphere, and watched it from that point until it sent its last picture.  It was an amazing moment!

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I watched it.  I got home right around the time you did at 10pm, 30 minutes before it landed.

Hi Matthew, Yeah people on facebook aren't exactly on there for learning, more for just re-hashing there version of there party night, get a profile on Google + and add some science circles, will get loads of info regarding curiosity and many other things, I'm loving it for that purpose.

I watched the living crap out of that stuff, AND been keeping up with the pictures. Sunrise on Mars! So beautiful! The Curiosity landing simulation was absolutely spectacular. I completely nerdgasmed over the entire thing.

There are Atheists interested in science on Facebook, you just have to know where to look. 

Here are a few science-inclined Facebook pages where these kinds of things are kept up on:



I also posted a ton of content related to the Curiosity landing on my personal Facebook page.


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