I'm new here so apologies if this is a dumb or already answered question........

Why all the ads for religion over there in the right-hand column?? --->

Are they the only ones comfortable advertising here, ironically enough?

I'm not offended or surprised, just wondering. Seems out-of-place! Though a lot of religious people honestly believe we atheists are merely biding our time before we become religious.

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I use AdBlock Plus (with Firefox), so I don't see many ads. The only ones I've seen here are specifically nontheistic ones (sometimes including Humanistic Judaism) shown by Atheist Nexus itself.

Though I don't mind the idea of religious groups supporting us, knowingly or not, when they use an ad network like Google Ads!

The poor old guv'nor is being continually hen-pecked by this issue. We are in the middle of a fund raising drive and it seems we will not reach the target. The site needs advertising revenue to keep going. The whole world can look at this site, not just the members and advertising should be geared to this readership which includes religious people, otherwise it is ineffective.

Money talks. Religion is for lost sheep. Gods are for the weak and the fraudsters who prey on them. If religious advertising unduly influences the weak then let the weak perish in accordance with Social Darwinian principles.

Ahh so it's the Googles leading them astray, pretty funny!!

Totally understandable, and like I said, neither surprising nor offensive. Just wanted to make sure I didn't stumble upon that atheist-turned-theist guy's website.

I don't have any religious adv. on the right hand column. I don't know why, there just are no adv.  Christine, Perhaps someone can tell you how to get rid of them.

If you use Firefox, you can lose the ads by loading Adblock Plus.  I've been using it for a while and have ZERO problem with religious ads on A|N and ads in general on multiple other sites.

Give it a try.

Yes.  Adblock Plus from Firefox is the way to go!  It even eliminates ads that play before viewing videos on news sites and on YouTube.   

Oh yes, I remember now. I have Google chrome on my Mac and Adblock Plus and have no adv. 




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