Fullmetal Alchemist has started again and I am watching that now. I was watching Naruto and Bleach but I am about a month or so behind on them.

What are you watching right now?

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So the ending song featuring 'my pace' blond green eyed Miki, obviously an alien who wants to be a Jpop idol, was actually the most interesting part of the episode. Why? It's saying something interesting about social gender. Miki is, and I summarize, saying that shes waiting for boy(s) to come talk to her, that it seems like they aren't interested in romance/sex because they aren't talking to her, she then says that gender equality is a wonderful thing, but she wants (males) to act 'manly' and talk to her, hug her, take her places, ect... this is the opposite of gender equality, she wants to be treated like an object, if she really thinks gender equality is wonderful thing, and if she really wanted romance 'right now,' she would take the initiative and talk to someone who catches her eye. In fact I would go further and say that eventhough gender equality is the doctrine in most developed countries, the culture demanding male assertiveness is a prevalent as ever. In Japan and pretty much the world over women find wealth most attractive in a man... now I ask you this, how is this different from prostitution?


I would have no problem being with a completely passive woman who would do as I commanded, especially when I'm not around, it's just I would feel like an male chauvinist pig doing so, and more often most women want a man who is dominate except when she wants her way, especially with the finances.


But maybe I should try the direct authoritative approach - it's certainly not natural to me and I would feel awful at first but so what.

I should just know what I want to do, know who I want to do it with, go find the type of woman who fits the profile, walk straight up to her and in a few more words say 'come with me and do this.'

Just watched the last episode of Nichijou ^^ fun fun.
Ponyo on Netflix.

I blame this on one of my Google+ friends.  We were discussing the (AMAZING IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED IT DO SO NOW) No. 6 adaptation and she mentioned she was watching The World God Only Knows. 


I'm not usually a big comedy fan and even less so romance and harem anime, but on her recommendation, I started watching it and it's pretty hilarious :)



YEs gal games forever!!! Yeah I really liked this one ^^
Just watched the anime movie RedLine... a fun romp but The Fifth Element is still better ^*
I've been watching Utena over and over again since May. I adore it.

I also watched Evangelion recently, and watch Mawaru Penguindrum each week (well...at least I try to every week :P).
So I recently finished reading the manga Octave, I liked it... so you should read it too :P I don't feel like going into greater detail.

Is it on MangaFox or Mangable?


I've been watching some of the Fall 2011 shows.  Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Season 2 and Persona 4 so far.  Still waiting on some of the shows that will air this week.



This is where I DLed it ^^

Finished Blue Exorcist... not good but not bad either.
Mawaru Penguin Drum Episode 15 was kind of a let down, especially when compared to the previous episode... that said, WTF this anime is everywhere - still excellent though. I need my yuri fix ^^




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