Fullmetal Alchemist has started again and I am watching that now. I was watching Naruto and Bleach but I am about a month or so behind on them.

What are you watching right now?

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So I just finished watching Laputa Castle in the Sky. Interesting variation on the 'finding Atlantis' theme, but ultimately I don't think it deserves to be rated #8 out of all anime movies. The movie did not hold my attention all the way through, and for me this is the biggest factor in deciding how good any movie is.
Just watched Spirited Away for the first time, good movie but I don't know if it deserves it's spot as the #1 anime movie. I remeber my parents purposely avoiding renting the movie thinking it would be 'satanic,' but then we also couldn't watch harry potter because magic is banned in the bible as a deadly sin. lol...

Just finished watching Akira... Totally crazy telekinetic evolutionary messianic cultist gangster madness :S

It kept my attention thought so thumbs up ^^

Watched Kiki's delivery service yesterday. Normally G rated films are childish and very boring, so far anime films seem to avoid this pitfall, and are actually watchable.
Just watched My Neighbor Totoro... I cried :P I'm finding a common thematic current in Hayao Miyazaki's films.
"The protagonists of his films are often strong, independent girls or young women," reflecting Miyazaki's feminism and like virtually all of Japanese anime and manga 'coming of age' stories dominate. Nature is presented as pure and good (white) and technology as being neither good nor bad (grey) but Miyazaki himself leans more towards luddism.

Ponyo On A Cliff By The Sea had an interesting start, but weak ending in my opinion.
Just watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and it is definitely the most interesting epic Miyazaki film to date. The world the movie is set in is it's strongest feature. One thing the movie really seems to lack is character development - all the characters seem flat. The ending is also partially ruined by the 'legend being fulfilled' and Nausicaa being magically revived by the giant sal bugs - ohmn? Anyway good movie.
Just watched Black Cat... It's really not as good as my fellow reviewers say it is... jumping all over the place, introducing characters but not really developing them in any way... My favorite character was Eve... There were a few major inconsistencies the worst was the power differential between Train and Creed. Creed had nanotech and tao powers but was defeated by train who really showed no obvious power upgrade at all over the course of the series, while Creed had three major upgrades.

Just finished watching Gantz... pretty much all I can say is WTF... Oh and all the 'shoot/don't shoot' crap was hella annoying. The characters were also really cowardly, stupid, lame, and seemed to stand around a lot. The episodes after the temple battle were even worse.


Oh but there was one really hot sex scene, so it might be worth it just for that - if you want something different/weird for a change of pace this is also for you, I don't think I've seen another anime like it.

Watched Whisper of the Heart
yesterday... It's a coming of age and love story mixed into one... I find the level of maturity they ascribe to middle school students ridiculous, marriage is even proposed by the male lead and accepted by the main character at the end... presumably the two young lovers are then split apart for ten years... but I guess it is up to the viewer if everything goes like a Disney fairytale or not. 
Just watched the Cat Returns, better than Whisper of the Heart, but really B class when compared to Kiki's delivery service, and Spirited Away. The story was loosely about a high school girl gaining a stronger sense of self.
Watched Sword of the Stranger last night... Good film, strong fundamentals, although there was nothing exceptionally memorable. Most of the characters were flat, only the red haired swordsman had a change of heart. 7/10




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