Fullmetal Alchemist has started again and I am watching that now. I was watching Naruto and Bleach but I am about a month or so behind on them.

What are you watching right now?

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Just watched the Axis Powers Hetalia Movie... lol very unique humor :P

Just watched Perfect Blue... really crazy movie, based on what was shown I have 3 possible interpretations of what the 'actual' chain of events was... but wtf... lol


It keeps you on the edge of your seat so in my opinion it's worth watching once

Just watched Iriya No Sora, UFO No Natsu... weird series, but engaging, It didn't feel boring... basically about a girl who finds a (boy) reason to keep on fighting. Meh.
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - the cutest/sexiest anime I have seen to date, and I say this right after watching episode 5... though this anime is probably just a 12 episode series.

So I just finished Jigoku Shoujo Mitsugana; I haven't watched the first two series. Basically very good, a little too episodic for my tastes though. Episode 25 led me to cry like I haven't for a long time... interestingly enough I found the stories really realistic, like they could almost happen in to anyone around me or to a friend of a friend, this is probably because the portrayal of humanity resonates - also great urban legend atmosphere. I would have loved to see more romance between Ai and Yuzuki... I mean they already have like 3 epic yuri kisses, why not develop this further. I seem to really enjoy supernatural as an anime genre, it's something that is often done well, XXXHOLiC and Natsume Yujincho are wonderful examples of this.

Heartcatch Precure!


I just watched the movie last night, and strangely it wasn't bad :P

Just finished Princess Princess, I watched all 12 episodes in one day :P. Again, it was watchable and had me wanting to watch the next episode right after I finished one, and in the end I think this quality is the one that ultimately matters the most. I've purposely avoided Yaoi like anime for a long time, and just recently found my aversion to it gone, but I don't think this anime actually qualifies as boys love as the princesses are just replacement girls - and they pass as bishojo in almost every way except maybe the voice.

Anyone else watching Deadman Wonderland right now? I haven't seen that much action and blood for awhile.

I think the 7 bucks a month I've been paying for crunchyroll is definetly worth it.


I finally got around to watching Code Geass and R2 which had an amazing ending.


Netflix has uploaded truckloads of anime lately.

Yea Deadman Wonderland has the potential to almost be in the same league as Elfen Lied, which was strangely one of the first anime I watched... it's funny because at the time I thought it was representative of anime as a whole, but it was actually probably THE most intense anime to date. Censorship has increased since Elfen was released though so I doubt anything not labeled 18 + will reach Elfen's level of intensity.
The ending of Code Geass was certainly excellent as far as most anime go with their at best mediocre ones... although if there is ever a sequel I think it should show how Lelouch (I think?) actually used a body double and then disappeared to live with C.C... a tragic ending as a martyr for world peace/unity just doesn't suit him, he should be smarter and more selfish than that.

Kin'iro No Chord: Primo Passo


I just watched this series over the last couple of days. I'll start off with my biggest thought on the series:


Kino is given a magic violin by the fairy of her school, this magic violin allows her to enter a recital contest that only the most elite musicians can attend (7 I seem to remember out of the whole music academy) and play near their level. The point of the magic violin was to spread the appreciation of music out side of the insular music academy, so that anyone could play. The major conflict in the series arises when Kino starts to feel guilty using the magic violin as she feels that it's cheating; she also feels she can't tell the other musicians the truth, and this deeply hurts her. She starts to feel fearful of losing her position, unworthy, and undeserving. She loses grasp of why she started music in the first place, not for the status or competition but for music itself. At the 3rd recital her intense demanding emotions break the strings and the magic spell on the violin.  


I guess this background is necessary for me to explain - anyway here goes:


How is your money any different from her good looks?

How is the result of your hard work any different from the result of his talent?

How is a magic violin any different from natural talent?

How is a magic violin any different from any other exceptionally made user friendly violin/tool?


The point is that Kino's guilt is entirely baseless. If the 'magic' makes musical expression less tedious and more enjoyable what is wrong with that? Does one feel guilty flipping a switch- tuning on a light, instead of spending the time to personally make a torch/candle and then starting the fire using friction or some other tool made by ones self? I don't think so.


I have to say, music for me would be much more enjoyable if I didn't have to constantly practice the same thing over and over again.


Kino also mentioned once that she wished she had started playing the violin when she was young, presumably so she could be as good at preforming, without magic, as the other contestants... I think this was sort of answered by later events, but really it shouldn't matter what age you start something new as long as it is enjoyable. I do understand how peer pressure feels though, especially when someone your age or peer group is so much better at something you care about than you. 


Doh 15 minuets :P were up and I lost my character section. Basically I'm glad Hino wasn't paired with any one guy from her unofficial non-consummated harem. And when it comes to romance while she says she doesn't have anyone special she likes, she thinks of her harem. Read in between the lines and you get 'she likes them all,' and of course they all like her. I can picture a dramatic 18+ bloody & sexual sequel to come with an additional OVA alternate storyline where all they guys get along and share Hino... or maybe one where she takes a more than platonic interest in Fyummi-tan, but only in a better world ^^


L0L :P


So 8/10, because how can I rate it lower when I've written so much about it!




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