Cynthia McFadden's poor taste intro on Edwin Kagin obit in Night Line

I just watched the rebroadcast of a Nightline interview wtih Edwin Kagin after his recent death (Nightline July 16, 2010 referrerd to in the NYTimes obit on Edwin).Cynthia Mcfadden, an oobviously biased anti-atheist reporter, who introduced the interview, had the poor taste of using the death of our  friend and colleague to rub in the small population that we atheists are in this country and then to castigate us for make mild fun of the fact that we are arbitrarily assigned a religion at birth into which we are signed sealed and delivered. Well Cynthia, you are one hell of an anti-atheist bigot who uses her media access to continue religion's historical bashing, to say the least, of nonbelievers.  Hope it makes you feel you good!

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