Debate, human activity causes our current climate?

Human activity causes our current climate?

For: Many atheist and environmentalists believe human activity causes our climate changes. For these, they think and act in ways to stop pollution, including getting off fossil fuels. They support research and development of renewable and sustainable energy sources. 

Against: Many of our government and voters believe that our climate changes as a result of the natural rhythms of the earth. For these, humans can do nothing to stop it. They give no thought or action to attempt to halt the change. 

What say you? Don't give me opinions, provide scientific evidence. Please!

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Aw, Joan, do your own research.

I don't want to work that hard! 

I've never seen a couch potato like that, but it will win more awards than my art ever has.

Tom, it is a slug. however, I like the idea of a couch potato as well. I like your message. 

In a word, yes.

 But the use of fossil fuels is only a tiny part of human activity damaging the environment and driving climate change. We have altered the surface of ou planet on a massive scale, altering the dynamics of the water cycle, and disrupting the water cycle. Everything is connected.

  The deepwater horizon oil spill did much more damage that most realize. It  altered the rate of surface evaporation and increased the surface temperature of the gulf. Changing thes two variables of the hundred of square miles alters the climate.

 In the 1950's geo engineering by the Soviet Union  included ,massive irrigation projects, which diverted water from the Aral Sea, once the fourth largest natural lake in the world.

The soviets  also drained huge areas of wetlands to create farmland, Water vapor is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, Altering where and how fast water vapor is formed has  much more powerful influences on global weather patterns and climate.

Gary, thank you for this information. I did not know how this phenomenon impacted climate. Quite an incredible story. Would it not be a marvel if people and nations invested in water management and agricultural endeavors such as the Aral Sea instead of bombing cities and killing people. 

I wonder if permaculture would work in that forsaken land? 

Thank you, Gary, for our contribution. 

I agree that trying to change people's minds is a  waste of time. 

Try a two-by-four made of oak, not balsa.

That works pretty well, but you get all those damn slivers.

We need nonviolent ways to overcome the amygdala hijack reaction.

Worth rereading: "Learn from marketing to save us all". Apple, Harley-Davidson, and other companies have learned from religions and cultivated "religious" followings. We can learn from those successful marketers, creating not motivated reasoning but reasoned motivation -- not to sell ever newer and shinier widgets, but to redefine ourselves for sustainability. ("...or become extinct at our own hands.")

We could lead, while accepting religious adherents willing to ... remove the most toxic elements of their religions, those aspects which threaten everyone's future....

Environmentalists have made some strides sharing personal stories of this crisis, but no one has articulated the story of global human cultural and personal transformation, the revolution necessary to restore hope....

We've yet to apprehend the grandeur of transforming ourselves into planetary managers ... evolving under our own control. We will be far greater than the future selves Gene Roddenberry presented in Star Trek....

It's essential ... to invent and embrace secular rituals of self dedication and celebration.

My vision of a global self-transformation led by Atheists arises from Partnership. We'll need to cooperate rather than try to kill each other, care about everyone on Earth instead of hierarchy-based oppression, and put our money into building rather than weapons. And we Atheists will have to pursue our agenda of reason over faith with greater subtlety and empathy than market share mentality.

Reason fosters global unity in a way that religions never could.

(Bolding is mine. Those few bits don't do the original post justice. Read the whole thing!)

Some climate deniers are open to evidence. I forget the researcher who said only the 10% who are "dismissive" have denial too deeply integrated into their identity to change.

Talking about high hopes, I can't find it on YouTube, but in the TV show "Laverne and Shirley", one of the scenes I love is where Shirley is trying to get Laverne to think positively.  She starts singing High Hopes, and when she gets to "he's got" she asks Laverne "What?"  Laverne says "A HERNIA!"


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