Daily Kos Op Ed Calls Rush Limbaugh an "Asswipe": My Response to the Hyperbole

Daily Kos called Limbaugh an "asswipe" on FB. Deciding as one of my N.Y. resolutions to go Swiftian and eschew common vernacular epithetication, I responded with the following observation about Mount Rush-More:

"Now, now, why resort to cholo talk when you can drop a few choice words into your comment like 'divorces,' 'synthetic opiate,' 'script-soliciting housekeeper,' 'bigger salary than many C.E.O.'s' and so forth? My friend, 'asswipe' does not approach the horror that this creature presented his poor mother. The horror...the horror...the horror....."

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P.S. Please go to the illustrator's website! This is the best use of PhotoShop I have seen on the net yet.




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