poor Christians can't bash gays without being called bigots. 

on a related note, through my work i've gotten to know a woman who is deeply religious.  she told me of a tragedy at her Church where an 18 year old, college bound, straight A student, just committed suicide. 

she said no one knows why he did it.  i had a theory, but i didn't feel comfortable sharing it with her. 

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From the linked article:

"Homosexuals go out and find straights to beat up," claimed Pastor Slick. "These kinds of events are not publicized. It's not being covered."

REALLY?!?  Gays and Lesbians are beating up on straights and it is getting ZERO news coverage?  Now WHY am I dubious about that?

Man ... what some christians won't do to try to claim that they're being persecuted.

The interview was great!


"It was clear that intolerance towards Christians was a huge problem, in his mind."


"Yes, why is this hypothetical violence not being covered? Or recorded? Or even occurring?"
[Great graphic to go along with that, at 2:07 in the video]


Bee: "So you can't even go on the radio anymore, and condemn a whole subset of people to hell, without getting some blowback."

Slick: "Well, when you put it that way it does sound rather arrogant and myopic, narrow-minded and bigoted."

Bee: "Good! Then I've done my job."


"No wonder he's concerned about Christian oppression. There are so few places where they can safely congregate, apart from truck stops, airports, hospitals, inaugurations, the entire military, and also the other 330,000 churches that can be found in most major and minor cities, townships, villages, and commonwealths."

that was a fun piece, thanks for sharing.

I'm going to have to start using "Republican Jesus (TM)" in regular conversation now, capital letters and sub-vocal trademark shout-out included.

Like one of the commenters on the linked article, I have far too many followers of Republican Jesus (TM) friended on FB to share it that way. I love a good flame war as much as the next person, but I have to have holiday meals with some of these people!

That. Was. AWESOME.

I've never understood the persecution complex thing ... but I suppose if i did I'd still be a Baptist like my parents raised me to be (failed, obviously).

I'm actually in a much better mood now ... thanks!

your welcome.  it's good to see this kind of thing get mainstream attention. gotta thank gays for exposing this about Christianity.

That was awesome. I even had to google Pastor Matt Slick (TM) to make sure he was a real person.. cos really how could you sit through that interview and play that so straight (pun sort of intended).

Reminds me of the peasants in Monty Pythons Holy Grail.. Help Help! I'm being oppressed!!


They have such a great line up of comedians on that show. Plus they get a chance to touch on actual topics.

Wow. Oh, wow. I watched this earlier today. I was sure Matt Slick was a POE, especially with a name like that. I guess it was just really good editing and pwning on the Daily Show's part.

So gays are beating up straight people. When I lived in Texas a group of teens were going to trial for murder because they killed a gay banker they found in a gay bar. That's right. They went to a gay bar looking for trouble. Maybe they were afraid that being gay would rub off? This is a little different than cemetery bashing.

"Republican Jesus" was a classic. A boyhood friend of mine is trying to get me back into church again. Him and some others are into  "concealed carry" so the new thing here is "Jesus and Guns." It's almost laughable  until you figure out that they might shoot that gay banker rather than beat him to death. I was told that I should get in on concealed carry before it's too late. Too late for what?

There is a "Jesus Cult" in the world right now, and quite frankly they scare the hell out of me!

he's been quite refreshing actually.




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