How hard is it to adjust being an atheist coming out of a religious household. I know for me, i lost alot of family and friends, all of which were baptist christians, When i came out as an atheist.

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My friends and family already know that I don't go to church and that I'm not religious, but I bet they have no idea that I am an atheist.  My parents dropped by (without calling first) on their way home from church on Sunday and the first thing my mother did was pick up was a book I had laying on the table called "Raising Freethinkers - Parenting Beyond Belief."  I don't think she looked at it long enough to really get the gist of what it was or if she did, she probably wouldn't want to believe that I am an atheist.  You're brave for coming out and you will make new friends with common interests. 


My full sympathy to you ): Inevitably, when you come out as an atheist you will probably lose one person close to you-but looks at it this way, if they would not tolerate your atheism they are probably people you would not want to be close to.

It's important to be true to yourself.  Family and friends who truly love you will stay with you.  If you lose them, then they were not worth having anyway.  There are new friends out there too! Wishing you the best.


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