If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it.

Dalai Lama

Dalai lama ia the most highly respected religious leadre today. Many of his thoughts are very l;iberal. What does he want to say here? Is it better to have religion? Can we just manage to survive without it?

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I was talking to a friend about the Dalai Lam today - she is more a spiritual follower in her life - and we talked about arrogance and hypocrisy - we both agreed that if the Dalai Lam was called on some small hypocrisy, if you could find one, that he would humbly accept the criticism and openly acknowledge his human failings.  

I haven't heard him talk much, but he does seem like one of the best spiritual leaders that we have, if we were going to follow one.

Dalai Lama is the best religious leader today, not one of the best. He may be an atheist as he is a Buddhist by religion, but he is also a very very rational person.

Madhukar - interesting - I don't know much about Buddhism.  So I wasn't totally aware that he was an atheist.  But they do also believe in reincarnation and their customs are to treat men and women differently.  As far as I am aware.

There are other atheist spiritual types - such as Guru Maharaji: http://maharaji.net/index.html

Yes Alice, Buddhists do believe in rebirth etc and Buddhism also has other attributes of religion and therefore an atheist who is free from religion is not attracted to Buddhism. The  problem is that Buddhism is a very old religion and the Buddhists have become attracted to various kinds of meaningless rituals

I suppose we could go around and cherry pick from all the ancient writings offered by all religions.  Someone else suggested that we should in fact create new cherry picked books, that only contained all the good stuff from the old books.

Alice, whatever good the religions may have. has become mostly outdated. It will need a monumental effort to pick up some small things that may still be relevant.

Madhukar - I am sure you are right - it would be a big job - in fact you would have to question if it were worth the effort - why not start again and build up from what we have - although there could be some merit in cherry picking.  Especially with the writings of the Lama - as he does seem to promote some loving vibes.

I like Sam Harris for this also - as he has studied the eastern spiritual paths - and his comments sometimes express his education in these matters.


Thanks for letting me know about the word 'Nastik'. I don't  understand the definition in Wikipedia. I wonder why your post about this didn't allow for a reply. 




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