Pope Francis is helping poor people in disguise.

"Last month, an interview with the Pope's Almoner-in-Chief Konrad Krajewski gave rise to rumors that Francis has been donning a costume of sorts and sneaking out of the Vatican at night to help the homeless.

Now The Huffington Post is reporting that a "knowledgeable source" is confirming the report that Swiss guards have personally witnessed the Pope leave the Vatican after nightfall "dressed as a regular priest" in order "to meet with homeless men and women."

Krajewski, who is tasked with handing out Holy See money to the poor and indigent, suggested Francis was joining him on nighttime sojourns into Rome.

"When I say to him ‘I’m going out into the city this evening’, there’s the constant risk that he will come with me," Krajewski was quoted as saying.

Though he evaded a more direct follow up question, Krajewski set the grapevine ablaze with a single smile.

If Pope Francis is indeed hiding a super alter-ego, he would be merely continuing the tradition of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — the mortal he once was.

Bergoglio "would go out at night...to find people, talk with them, or buy them something to eat," Krajewski said. "He would sit with them and eat with them on the street. This is what he wants from me." "

But then, you know, I read this  and his attitude towards women and abortion (but then he is a Jesuit, which might mean he lives simply and helps the poor, but won't advance his thinking on other issues).

Cynical me says publicity stunt since having an insider release the story on the sly seems to be the modus operandi for politicians when they want the public to think well of them but don't want to come right out and say they did something good for fear of looking like they're gloating. Hopeful me says maybe he really is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. And if that is the case, how sad is it that it makes the news? Shouldn't this be what the upper echelon of the catholic (or any) church does on a normal basis? When was the last time Pat Buchanan (is he still alive?) or Jerry Falwell (alive? dead?) or any of those wealthy magnates of mystical madness went out and mingled with the dirty masses? or even gave a thought to them?

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That's a stunt the fictional pope of Morris West's novel, The Shoes of the Fisherman pulled, or at least as it was represented in the movie.

Fact is, some of this stuff Frank is pulling is nice and all ... but he's still against the empowerment of women insofar as ordination is concerned, he still opposes abortion, and I haven't heard word one from him regarding the whole priest child abuse scandal.  I wonder if he thinks his silence on the issue will make it go away ... WRONG!

Yes, the silence from up above regarding child abuse is deafening. I read nothing in his little diatribe about that. I did keyword searches (children, abuse, misconduct, sex) and didn't come up with anything, but I can't bring myself to read the whole thing through so I might be missing something.

If the pope is going out with priestly garb, eating and talking with hungry people, I have a hat tip for him. 

If pope Francis does not recognize the importance of providing health care, including the option of abortion for women, then he has not progressed far enough for my liking. He continues to be an enemy of women, wearing the garb of sexism and the dogma of domination.  

I think of him as my enemy, and I continue to rebuke his leadership. 

I have a hard time believing anything that comes from the Vatican. From what I understand Pope Francis is becoming a real world player in politics. He is posing as a real reformer within the Vatican, he has convinced a lot of people that he is sincerely trying to change the policies within the Vatican involving child abuse, human rights and other things. But this is actually a real ruse and in fact he is tightening all the policies that criminalize the reporting of child abuse, you could go to jail now if you are a Catholic priest and report child abuse under these new policies Pope Francis has brought in. 

"you could go to jail now if you are a Catholic priest and report child abuse under these new policies Pope Francis has brought in."

I hadn't heard this. Do you have a source to link to?

First, the pope is still young--in pope age. Second--and this applies indirectly to what I just wrote--if we now have a pope who wishes to change things, not only within "Peter's church," but within society as a whole it might be prudent for Frankie to start slowly and work his way forward keeping the surprise and anger against him to a minimum. Otherwise, he will become hated by many before he is truly an old pope.
If he is, in fact, sneaking out at night and playing with the masses, more power to him. He will have a truer understanding as to what is real below his godly tower than the bulk of the popes before him. If he lays the hammer down in one fell swing he will be hated. If he adds pressure slowly, the flock will adjust to said pressure and still continue to love him.
I am not an apologist for "Peter's church." I am--I repeat--I am an atheist to the core. However, from time to time there are allies with desired social improvement who appear from least expected areas. I am watching Frankie with great interest. He has managed to piss off ardent "christian" capitalist assholes with his statements concerning greed and politics. I am withholding judgement for the time being, just to see what kind of ride Frankie has in store for the church as well as the rest of us. Atheist or no, he is worth watching--for now.

With religion, particularly Christianity under attack form everywhere, the Church has to resort to some publicity stunts like these. Helping a few in Rome will have no effect on the poor in rest of the world but willl give the pope some publicity, who know he may even earn sainthood after his death.

Don't all the popes eventually earn a sainthood?

I do think that Frankie surely recognizes that the image of the catholic church is in the toilet at the moment. Publicity stunts such as this does raise the image a few notches, but until he seriously addresses the child molestation issues, not much will change.

No, how about Benedict XVI?

Well, he's still alive. Give him time!

wikipedia lists 266 popes total    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_popes

with 75 of them making papal sainthood     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Papal_saints

That's as far as my research goes today....




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