So, have you guys been hearing people having psychotic reactions to the DWTS lineup?The furor seems to be about Chaz Bono. I'm mostly hearing fundie women shrieking about how they're not going to watch anymore. Interesting, it didn't bother them when the criminal Tom DeLay was on there.

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I read today about Fox news bile on this:



Cher has gone into protective maternal mode on her Twitter account, defending her son from those who've criticized her son, Chaz Bono, after he was added to the cast of the "Dancing With the Stars" for its upcoming season.

Cher went on to characterize Bono's detractors as "bigots," seething, "Mothers don't stop getting angry with stupid bigots who f--k with their children!"

good for her.  So many parents don't stick up for their children


anyone know what happened to the olympic? athlete that they were trying to determine was female or intersexed?  She won sprinting races by miles & the other women kicked up a fuss.  Does that mean people that are intersex can't win medals?

here she is Castor Semenya - apparently is 'intersex' - not sure if they took her medal.  She was treated terribly.

My favorite comment comes from a Bill Maher tweet:


"we sure wouldn't want a transgender person to taint the macho image of DWTS."

Hey Christians, if he became a man, at least that makes him not in a homosexual relationship anymore.
I don't watch tv.  Sorry.
I try to avoid the stupid-box as much as possible, too.
Even if I cared about DWTS, I wouldn't care about Chaz (other than his dancing ability).  I understand Bristol Palin danced like a rhino on ice skates, but progressed pretty far.


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