DANGER! SKEPTICISM AHEAD! Suppose There Were No Conservatives, Only Liberals.

“What, no progressives?”

‘Not just now, thank you. Try again later.”

You will shortly see what this skeptic says. What say you?

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That idea is tempting to the mind but then you realize that just like we have now, you would have every kind of nut out there. The big difference I see between myself and conservatives is that they are taught that there is not enough money to do many things that might help us all. In Trumpworld his followers are taught that bad things come from mean old Democrats and the party divide gets bigger. Even now, he hasn't been able to build his wall in the first 2 years because of those mean old Democrats. Rather strange when the GOP was in power. Now Trump is wasting money on a big 4th of July blowout in DC that is nothing more than a pep rally for his party and the monuments there need billions of dollars in repair. It must be those Dems again. Maybe we will have to raise taxes. Yes, for sure, when we keep giving big money to the top 1 percent. 

That's how the game is played but it would not surprise me to read that some liberal wanted to sponsor pet abortions. Spa and neuter did not leave them a choice.

"Maybe we will have to raise taxes."

But only on the bottom 99%.  Maybe only 99.9% 

Trump protects the very rich, but really he's the only one he cares about.

This skeptic thinks that without conservatives, Liberals will

A) distribute themselves along a “More Liberal, Less Liberal” spectrum, and

B) those nearest the spectrum’s ends will:

1) have words with those near the middle, and

2) have different words with those near the spectrum’s other end.

There will be less fairness and less avoidance of harm along the length of the spectrum.

In short, disagreeing without being disagreeable improves the thinking.

I agree, Tom, but what this points out to me is that conservatives will be created. We would end up back somewhat to where we started. The problem with Trumpworld and conservatives today is they do not think. It is OK to give tax breaks to the wealthy and not care about healthcare because you were not supposed to have that anyway. In all that we do let's look at the Republic because that is all that we are. We have to hold to that and not aspire for anything greater. To do so is anti-American and besides all that liberals want from government is going to cost in the trillions. They come back at you with this sort of remark at the mere mention of better benefits, damning it all from the start. The GOP is indoctrinating us to believe this. It is said and done without a discussion. 

A big problem here is the religious have bought in on it. This includes lots of people with less education and many that want our government to be responsive to god. It also causes many as well to say that god is in control. I'm not so sure of this and I do not want gods in my politics in any way.

Your illustration is a hoot.

Yeah, Ruth, but IMO it should show a male voter.

Females have since Adam and Eve been catching too much hell.

There's a lesser-known but instructive legend that Adam's first partner was not Eve but Lilith, who was banished because she insisted on her equality with Adam. (Some say it was because she wanted to be on top during sex.)

...I do not want gods in my politics in any way.

Hear, hear!

Matthew Shultz's quotation is thoroughly appropriate: You're allowed to believe in a god. You're allowed to believe unicorns live in your shoes for all I care. But the day you start telling me how to wear my shoes so I don't upset the unicorns, I have a problem with you. The day you start involving the unicorns in making decisions for this country, I have a BIG problem with you. ~ Matthew Shultz




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