I've been following a string of video posts on youtube, vlogs?, about some not so great agency and their foibles (cps). And quickly along the way I've become to feel that indeed this vlogger is right.

While digging in, just a bit more, gawd knows I didn't want to get fundi all over me, low and behold I stumbled on a rant. I sort of felt it coming, like watching the headlights of a train. Then BLAM! I felt violated, well, on an intellectual level only. After all, It's not yet friday night.

Before I knew it, unwittingly I had found out his secret; he's a (insert evil shark music here) religionista.

I lost a new friend, but the choice had been mine. Because I've decided to stand my ground, un-inviting pushers out of the fray. Good luck on you mr thumper, I'm going to pray for your recovery. Please do the same for me!

Thank god for atheists huh? lol 

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