Daniel Dennett on William Lane Craig and many other things

Daniel Dennett on the criterion of mindbogglingness in science and many other things

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Daniel Dennett is a pain in the arse. What does he know, anyway. He's just not needed. He's boring too.

Why do you find him a pain in the arse?

As for boring, that takes two. 

It's love that takes two, not boredom.

Dennett is an old fart who shouldn't be on prime-Internet-time and should be relegated elsewhere or censored altogether.

Being bored requires something to find boring, and a tendency to be bored, that's what I mean. 

Did you listen to the video? 

Dennett is OK, Nappy. Just imagine you might live as long as he has. Then you would be an old fart.

Dennett has written a lot of interesting books.  Freedom Evolves is the one that meant most to me. 

He says interesting things in the video. 

Michael, I'm an old fart (83) who lives with a bunch of old farts (average ~78).

When one of us goes off like Nappy is doing here, we ask him if he forgot his meds.

As for knowing the universe' cause, I have two answers:

1) Will my knowing its cause help me pay the rent?

2) Only unhappy people need to know its cause. (I was once a Catholic and unhappy.)

As for knowing the universe' cause, Only unhappy people need to know its cause.

Hm, what makes you think that?

Luara, try being young with a normal supply of hormones, a Catholic, and NOT a submissive.

BTW, I know how to be Machiavellian. The more people who wait for happiness in a future life, the fewer people I have to share this life' happiness with.

Happiness isn't a zero-sum thing so I'm Machiavellian only when I'm pissed at religious folk.

You didn't answer my question, why wouldn't a happy person want to know the reason for it all? 

Luara, I didn't say happy people wouldn't want to know the reason for it all.

I said only unhappy people need to know the universe' cause.

Those two statements are logically equivalent.

"B is true only if A is true" is logically equivalent to

"A is false implies B is false". 

Your statement that "only unhappy people need to know the cause of the universe" is logically equivalent to "Happy people don't need to know the cause of the universe."




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