Daniel Dennett on William Lane Craig and many other things

Daniel Dennett on the criterion of mindbogglingness in science and many other things

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Luara, you tried. Thanks. This is too narrow a space. Look down the discussion for more.

Napoleon, thank you for your input. Dennett makes a whole lot more sense to me than does William Lane Craig. Your perception of Dennett is not at all like mine. 

When somebody makes a negative comment about someone else, there's part of it that's about them and part that's about the other person.

Napoleon hasn't given us an objective reason to be negative about Daniel Dennett.  His being old is not a reason. 

I have been bored by atheist talk.  I saw a discussion between Dawkins and Steven Weinberg on Youtube once.  You would think a discussion between two eminent scientists would be interesting.  But it wasn't.  They were saying sensible obvious things. 

But Dennett does say some sensible non-obvious things.  I disagree with a fair amount of what he says, but it's still fairly interesting. 

Ok, if some people find Dennett interesting then he's needed, but I would rather get the information from anyone but a philosopher.

Oh, you don't like philosophers!  What do you dislike about philosophers? 

I perhaps see what you're getting at, now. 

No, you can't assume that I dislike all philosophers.

We can assume whatever we want.

If all you're going to do is come out with zippy little one line dismissals, I'm happy to interpret them as I will.  Maybe I'll chalk you up as a disgruntled theist, for example.

Or you could, you know, say something complete enough to be worth other people's time to read.

Even a moron can assume whatever they want but not for the purposes of an argument. I have never indicated that I dislike all philosophers.

Over the last 4 years I have contributed much more to this site than one liners, much more than you.

You demonstrate ignorance new boy.

Thing is, you're not making an argument, you're just getting pissy.  The only discussion that's happening here is people trying to figure out what you're going on about, and you just continue to be dismissive without explaining why.

Also, the fact that you've been hanging around here for much longer than I have doesn't impress me.  I'll call a spade a spade even if you're user ID #1.  What I'm demonstrating is not ignorance, it's a lack of deference.  If you can't handle the odd home truth, that's your problem, not mine.


"New boy".

You're a peasant.

I'll take that as intentional irony.

He is not the only one who is annoyed with your "argument".  Can you seriously get more childish?  I am surprised you aren't making these phrases in French so, we have to look up the translations.  That is how normally do your snark. And, yes, you said you don't like philosophers.  That doesn't mean some but, ALL.   Luara also came to the same conclusion.  So, obviously the "new guy" and I aren't the only ones.   Hawking has contributed more to science then you.  Do you think he could ever be wrong about something?  Because, that is how you are acting.



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