Hi Everyone!

My name is Dani and I am a fairly new atheist (close to a year).
First I'd like to say that I have never been more comfortable in my own skin as I have been since I've denounced god. But being that I live in Alabama, I still feel like a Martian :) A happy Martian!

I was raised in a nondenominational christian family (very liberal). I really doubted the stories in the bible early on but mostly kept those doubts to myself. In high school although I was emerged in church activities and fellowship I began to vocalize my concerns. I was told to pray and for those questions that stirred them too much I was told not to question.
I've always been a person who lives to help others and quickly realized that my tool, religion, was divisive and unjust therefore inefficient for reaching out to people on a simply humane level.

Since then I've gone from Deism to Agnosticism now I've nestled comfortably into Atheism!

Other than than I'd like to add that my toughest challenge so far has been to come out to my family.
The most ironic time I've faced is working in a church nursery (as an atheist)!

I'm currently challenging myself to be more open about atheism to hopefully dispels some of the stereotypes and to give a nonthreatening image...also hoping that this practice will lead me to opening up to my family.

Thanks for reading

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Hi Dani. Welcome.
You have no idea how much comfort I feel when I see other African Americans coming out of perverbially the last closet in America. The non-religious closet. I am an atheist living in Virginia. Coming out to your family can be tough, I tried coming out to my father about this...it's not easy. Often times they will site that you are confused or somehow lost...meanwhile it's been an issue I've been wrestling with since I was 12 years old. I tried to believe, I really tried. But I could not do it anymore. The philosophy of religion itself, the things that one has to accept in order to be a Xtian in the first place, the claims they make. When they discredit you for you views, and some of them will. Stay strong and realize that you must remain true to yourselves. I have "church family", they know I'm an atheist. At times I even fellowship with them because I enjoy them as people. But insofar as me being a member and believing what they believe it's never going to happen. But you got one black male here in VA who definately supports you. To dust off a mantra, "you go girl". We still sayin that? Haven't kept up with my slang since I was about 17.
Thanks for the reply! According to the family members that know my position I am 'going through a phase'. I dont take offense to their ignorance instead I have sympathy for them (being that they oblivious to their religious imprisonment).
Thanks for the encouragement I am well on my way to being completely out of the closet! And the slang thing...I have no idea what's being said these days!
*Best Wishes*
I'm glad you're a comfortable atheist in Alabama. Your situation has to be tough. I usually keep my atheism a secret, because it will hurt me in certain situations. I will battle when the time is right. Some say, you should go all out and shout it from the mountain top, but every situation is unique. I hope it works out for you. People will be shocked, but hopefully they can judge your actions before anything else. Atheists, especially in the south, usually have to do twice as much to prove our morality/intentions.




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