my favorite was the reviewer who seemingly blamed Jesus for not grabbing the wheel during a car crash.  "would not buy again".  

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"I don't care if it rains and freezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Glued to the dashboard of my car."
Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys,
Immortalized in the movie "Cool Hand Luke".

Friedman once or twice ran for governor of Texas.

I remember that toe tapper of a tune. Did John Prine do it once upon a time too?

I don't know.  Prine would have been a good one to cover that tune.  He was more likely to mention Mephistopheles.

Goin' 90 it ain't scary, long as I got the Virgin Mary,
Assurin' me that I won't go to hell.

There's a similar sentiment expressed in this ditty.

"Dashboard Jesus"

full lyrics  pretty funny

That's new to me. LOL   In my early teens I ran onto one of those saints figurines for cars but my parents wouldn't let me keep it. They said I wasn't Catholic. I lost a good silver ring to them one time that way also. That's why I ran away and joined the Army.

I have three of those chrome fish hanging from a string on the back of my Jeep.  Isn't it odd that Christians use an implement of torture as their main symbol?  I swear, there's a Pleasant Cross church near here.


I guess they use thinner nails.


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