I may be trying out an online dating site or 2 and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some that were good or friendly in particular to free thinkers. I saw an article a while back that talked about this and sadly I can't seem to find it and don't remember which ones it recommended. I think eharmony isn't too great but as for match.com, chemistry.com, etc I don't know. I appreciate any feedback, thanks!

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Try OK Cupid.

eharmony is known to be not too friendly to non-believers.
Hi Katy,

I had read a post from Hemant, not that long ago:


Which recommended some sites... I would agree, eHarmony is right out, match.com isn't bad, OkCupid is, well, ok. I have a feeling it depends on which area you live in. I tried the network through the Onion and there was no one in my area, but that doesn't mean it won't work in more metropolitan areas.

Good luck!
I know people have already said it, but I've had amazing luck with OkC. Kinda seeing someone from it, and made several friends. It's pretty good. Free-thinking women have a lot better luck, because when narrowed down by religion atheist/agnostic men outnumber the women by at least double, four times where I live.
OkCupid does seem promising. Got a recommendation from a diff site too for that one. Plus it's free so score. And I thought that article was on the friendly atheist site, just couldn't find it.
I'll second (or third?) OK Cupid...it's pretty decent, although I haven't had much luck with it. I think that's just *me* though.
I tried several dating sites over a couple of years.(about 7years ago) I met exactly 10 dozen women once,saw one three times.

People on dating sites tell whoppers. Some use old photos,and neglect to mention the odd trifle. EG practising witch,the undischarged bankruptcy,the slight problem,with illegal drugs or alcohol,bi polar etc-- many use euphemisms Eg 'cuddly' tends to mean 'morbidly obese'.

I also met a bunny boiler and a short rotund lady who had two pet dragons to whom she spoke as they sat on her shoulder.

For goodness sake beware of mature age social work students they're really strange.

Overall, I do NOT recommend dating services of any kind. From the women I've met and the hundreds of profiles I've read,such services do not attract the type of person with whom I want to be involved. I have no doubt many women feel the same about men on such sites--and that the women I met may have a similarly low opinion of me.
bunny boiler

Tarquin, I love stalking following you around, as I learn all sorts of useful new terms.
"Tarquin, I love stalking following you around, as I learn all sorts of useful new terms. "

New? You didn't see 'Fatal Attraction' ? :o)
Nope. Not my cuppa.
Others have mentioned OKCupid. While I have yet to meet some of the people I have been talking with on the phone (one for about three years now), I count a couple of these folks as friends. The problem is that they all live so far away.

Freethinkermatch.com is one. I have had a membership there for a long time, but tried to use it as a social networking site. No results.

Then along came Secularity.com, which was intended as dating/social networking. Unfortunately, it went down the tubes without much (if any) notice to its members.

Another is atheistpassions.com. I met one friend there, who I invited to Atheist Nexus. I can't remember the last time I visited that site.

Have you tried the Secular Singles group here? My experience with any sort of dating/social networking site is to just keep your profile up, keep updating it, and keep it up. Sometimes statistical probability is in your favor, and sometimes not.
You might try geek2geek. It's targeted at geeky types, so I think there are a good number of atheists there. The only problem is it costs $20/month to be able to message people which is more than I want to pay (especially with the previously mentioned OKCupid, which is pretty good). A woman might have more luck just having their free profile there, because you might get some messages from paying members.
For what it's worth, I found the love of my life on Match.com. We're getting hitched next July=)




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