I may be trying out an online dating site or 2 and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some that were good or friendly in particular to free thinkers. I saw an article a while back that talked about this and sadly I can't seem to find it and don't remember which ones it recommended. I think eharmony isn't too great but as for match.com, chemistry.com, etc I don't know. I appreciate any feedback, thanks!

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I've long since forgotten what website I used to meet my last wife but my suggestion to you is to BE CAREFUL! I put up with that BITCH for 7 1/2 years before bailing out (I know, I know, what the hell took me so long!!).
I found that if you message the guy first, you get more success in finding non-flakey, non-asshole, guy or friend that you are into.

I had a real bad stalker, who basically ransacked all of my information. So I never went back to online dating again. But don't let my bad experience dissuade you, as it did me. Just look out for the signs.

On a side note, For some reason a lot of single guys like to pose with their shirt off..... such tackiness!!


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