Dave Silverman on 'the factor' and foxnews poll? 52% Americans say they'd vote for atheist!

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How come fox always attack the atheist's? They didn't let him finish his sentences without being attacted!

Typical Fox ... they can't deal with an opinion other than their own without talking over it.  As for an atheist who is pro-life, pro-Christian ... just WHAT is that dipshit smoking?

Fortnight for Freedom is a put-up job, created by religious organizations, and whether they wish to acknowledge it or not, christianity is the MAJORITY religion of the US ... and for the umpti-umpth time, someone tell me PLEASE how a minority can repress a majority?


Stipulated ... though the day that atheists can pull that on believers, in the US at least, is the day I fully expect the cows to come home in a Cadillac!




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