silver lining alert - Barton admits to man-made climate change.  i will call this progress.  that he assumes it's God's wrath for allowing abortion in America is, of course, nonsensical.  presumably, Barton seems to think that climate change only affects America.  i would argue that is sufficient evidence that he doesn't know the first thing about the subject.  

the idea of him as a US Senator should frighten the living day lights out of you.  remember, this is Texas.  and he may be challenging the number 2 Republican in the Senate, or as they would call him, an establishment RINO.  but Barton is a Tea Party hero.  he's the lone historian who will cry from the rooftops that America is a Christian Nation.  this man believes that Jefferson was a deeply pious man who was a devout Christian.  lest you forget, his last book got pulled by his own publishing company for dire inaccuracies in his last book about Jeffferson.  

but Glenn Beck is behind him.  as is the Tea Party.  they're begging him to run.  and if he runs he just might win, at least in the primary.  not knowing Texas politics too well, I can't say for sure if he won the primary whether or not a Democrat could pose a serious threat to any Republican senate candidate.  i'm not sure whether the prospect of him running is a blessing or a curse.  

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They leave out the real link between abortion and climate change.  All of the baby-eating atheists, running their barbecues to roast the baby-kebabs  The freshest ones are the most tender.  But the grills cause so much smoke and particulate pollution, thereby exacerbating global warming.

Global warming is god's wrath for allowing abortion. (Is this worldwide or only in America?) Guys like Barton haven't got a clue. Apparently he didn't know too much about Jefferson either.

The trouble with people is that they tend to forget, and they forget in ways that make things fall into their way of thinking. The Christian Right believes we are a "christian nation." They would have it no other way, and the phrase "In God We Trust" printed on our money shows it to be so. Wonder what they would say to find that this was a political doing of the 1950's so we could make a statement against "godless communism?"

You can't reason with the unreasonable. 

To satisfy yourself that America was not founded on religion, you can look at the opening words of various Islamic nations' constitutions. For instance, search on <pakistan constitution> or <afghan constitution> and see what those nations' founders did.

In comparison, America's deist founders could have been atheists.

The Koch Brothers will love this guy.

Barton claims that he has a couple of thousand documents, signed by Thomas Jefferson, that prove Jefferson was a Christian.  I think the only ones he has displayed publicly, though, are "ship's papers," which by international treaty with the Dutch, the English, and the French, had to be signed by the president or other designated officials, and carried by every ship departing the seaports of the signatory nations.  The language of the treaty stipulated that they be dated "In the year of our Lord Christ," which is a mild overstatement of the conventional dating system used by Western nations.  Jefferson signed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of these documents, and they were then sent to customs officers at American ports.  Whatever else Barton might have, these "ship's papers" in no way indicate Jefferson's religion.

IIRC, Barton has no advanced degrees in history, only a BA from Oral Roberts.

"IIRC, Barton has no advanced degrees in history, only a BA from Oral Roberts."

that's the equivalent of a Biology degree from Liberty University.

Barton has more than a degree; he has people who buy his stuff.

Sometimes we talk about our "bubble" or "echo chamber" were we and discuss things where we are in agreement with each other.  I think we depend more on rationality and try to be objective.  I try to pull in data from diverse sources and, when possible, verified history or science.

I would not be surprised if people like Barton are living in a christian-conservative echo chamber.  There one can make one assertion after another, and if people think it supports their world view, it doesn't need verification, history or science.  Hell, it doesn't even need bible support.  Christian conservatives go to great lengths to find rare, obscure verses that appear to kind of sort of disagree with abortion, meanwhile ignoring the bible's explicit condoning of slavery, genocide, killing of children, forced marriage of rape victim to rapist, and other barbarism.

Why don't the Tea Partyists come up with a better, more accurately descriptive name for themselves?  I don't know, maybe "Soldiers of the real, gun carrying, big-business / anti-union, white Jesus" or something?  OK, that is kind of a long name.  They can just call themselves "Palinites"

yeah but... 
condoms will save it f that guy




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