David Barton, current de facto head of the dominionist movement, claims the founding fathers wanted the Bible taught in schools to prevent another inquisition

Here’s a charming excerpt:

“If you look at the very first public school law passed in America,” Barton said, “that act says we just came out of Europe and what they call Christianity over there is full of atrocities. That’s not it. We don’t want that in America, so in America we’re going to make sure that the Bible is the basis of all public schools because if you read the Bible, you don’t do those atrocities.”

The full article on Right Wing Watch is here:



 He also said the actual inquisition was not conducted by "real Christians." This is historical revisionism on drugs.

Oh, by the way, he’s also “helping” the RNC promote a campaign to mobilize religious right voters.

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 He also said the actual inquisition was not conducted by "real Christians." This is historical revisionism on drugs.

No true Scotsman. However to Barton's crowd, the Catholic church is not Christian.. so I guess that's a normal conclusion for him.

It's interesting how the Christian splinter groups often castigate one another. Lately though it seems the Catholics and evangelicals have been tag teaming more as the promotion of what they see as their interests converge.

David Barton can "say" anything he wants to, but where is his proof? Did any of our founding fathers seem to share his religious beliefs? If anything our founding fathers believed that christianity in general was full of atrosities and therefore would never want the bible taught in our school systems. That book has nothing to do with "reading, writing, and arithmetic" and therefore nothing to do with public education.

Reading the quotes here, David Barton is a liar and what he proposes is in violation of laws governing the separation of church and state. Go back and read the Constitution, David.

"If you read the bible you won't do those atrosities." How can that be when the bible is FULL of those atrosities?

Atrocities?  Did someone say, "atrocities?!?"

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
-- Voltaire

Good for her!!!

Apparently, getting his book on Jefferson withdrawn by the publisher wasn't enough for Barton.  I'm beginning to think that nothing short of forcing him to make a public retraction of his claims - about the Inquisition, about Jefferson and the founding fathers in general, in short, demand that he acknowledge his LIES - only that MIGHT stop his continued attempts to misrepresent both history and the bible.

The more I look at this, the more I become convinced that counter-punching such crap, doing so IMMEDIATELY and vigorously, may have a chance both of stopping the crap and discrediting those who want to spread it.




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