Dawkins Dismantles Mormonism & Says Romney Not Fit to Govern With "Barking Mad" Beliefs

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How can both the O.T. and Book of Mormon be compatible; one says that the Garden of Eden was in the Fertile Crescent, while the other says it was in Missouri?  Dawkins says Joseph Smith was a felon and a confidence man; what do people think Saul/Paul the Tarsan was?  (A Zealot.  Zealots killed people.  Duh!)

I've been to Missouri. The Garden of Eden isn't there.

It's  about time that someone brought up the craziness in Mormonism. If you can believe that Jesus Christ came to America after his resurrection, you can believe anything at all.

Loved the part about digging up some "golden" tablets, translating them, then losing them.  Isn't that convenient?  Sorta like that scene in DeMille's Ten Commandments when he has Mosheh dashing the tablets on the golden calf being worshiped by his followers at the instance of Dathan.  Hope he wasn't like Gov. Perry of Texas and could only name remember some of the Decalogue.  Ron Paul wasn't there to sotto voce the others.

Christian mythology at least has the excuse that it was fabricated in a much earlier era when people knew far less about the natural world. Mormonism, coming at a much later date, ought to have been transparently false.

In praxis, Mormonism operates as a Ponzi scheme.  Romney even asked the top dogs if they had any objection to his running for President in 2004 (or '08, I cannot recall when he first ran, but he admitted putting in a call to Salt Lick City to consult with the top of the pyramid).  They have a top guy, then they have 12 people called the Disciples or Apostles.  And these function as the decision makers.  When JFK ran, he promised to make his decisions free of the Vatican.  I don't think we can trust Romney to do the same thing vis-a-vis Salt Lick City. His tithes kept increasing as his income grew, which is why the 1040's and schedules have not been released.  No mistake about it, Mormonism is a con cult.

I've been to Missouri. The Garden of Eden isn't there.


That's so funny.  What's equally funny is, those were the exact words I was going to type until I saw yours!  I don't know if that means we are both tapping into some sort of cultural gestalt, or are connected in some strange way.  If so, my condolences to you.

Jung synchronicity raises its ugly head once again.

These beliefs are barking mad!
-- Richard Dawkins

Sums things up nicely!

Right Loren!

He states it like it is.

I thought mormonism was like some sort of big star trek Convention, only with Conastoga wagons and funny underwear.  They don't really take it seriously, do they?

What?  Trekism is a religion to?  

Damn, people are strange!

True Melinda - you certainly don't want someone so delusioned to run the country. But it's happened before.

Im less bothered by Romney's religious "beliefs" (If he really believes them), than by his economic ones, opportunism, and lack of integrity.  The country and the world are not ready for Rommunism.



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