Don't know if everybody has already seen this, but I found it quite amusing.

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Totally HIGH-Larious!  Dawkins' utterly low-key, "so-what-else-is-new?" attitude toward those who seem to be so threatened by what he has to say makes for the perfect rebuttal.

I THINK there's a "Part Two" on YouTube somewhere as well.

I think this IS part two.  I have not, however, viewed part one.

What, to me, is most ironic, after viewing this, is how many times individuals who are atheists are condemned to hell, called heathens, etc. and then accused of "attacking" people's religion, or "disrespecting" other people's beliefs.

While not all religionists are sociopaths, I do believe sociopaths are drawn to religion, using it, sub-consciously perhaps,  as a tool enabling their sociopathy.  

These, in the video, are extreme examples,  demonstrating the lack of introspection and self awareness of the sociopath.  

I do believe there is a connection.

sociopaths - yes, I also think there's a connection.

This is similar to hate letters received by FFRF, which they publish in each issue of their newsletter. Great windows on the reality of "christian love."

I especially enjoyed his attempt to figure out the American street slang expression for bitch. "Bee-atch." Dawkins and the film crew seemed to be having a ton of fun of with that one.

"Your feigned intelligence is nothing more than the fart of God."

I may have to steal that one.

I saw that yesterday. I'm smiling and surprised that Dawkins is low key and repeats every single one of the bad words that people said to him. I think it's funny.




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