for anyone who missed it.  rather unremarkable interview, imo.

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Actually, a rather depressing one, from my point of view. While I know Prof. Dawkins was discussing the idea of the current head of the Royal Society. Nevertheless, what I took away was that modern technology, married to fundamental religion, will ensure the destruction of humanity by the end of the century. A real high note on which to end the day.

agreed. i don't know why Stewart led the discussion that way.

I was surprised at the negativity of Stewart's trend with the conversation as well.  I'll stipulate, as did Dawkins, that we're at a dangerous point in human evolution, but I disagree to the likelihood that science by itself will foment our destruction.  For the large portion science and technology give rise to TOOLS.  Humans decide how those tools are used.  Or:

A sword may strike friend or foe; the difference depends on the one wielding it.
-- me

Oh, humanity is going to have huge problems in this century.  Not just danger of fundamentalists exploding bombs, but also a lot of resources running out - oil, food, water.  And environmental problems like global warming may be a catastrophe. 

I agree with Luara on our running out of resources, but here is an interesting thing about water. We have today no more and no less water than we have ever had. That's right. The reasons we have water shortages are too many people in one area that use or need the water, plus trying to save an re-channel enough water in that one area for people to use. Man made drought is caused by taking away here, and adding there, etc. and it is not a winning situation.

It would be interesting to see the water idea used by someone to disprove Noah's Flood, which is an utter impossibility of ever happening. The flood would have taken worldwide more water than our earth has. Then you can ask the christian what happened to the extra water, and he ignorantly replies that "it evaporated." Into what? Into where? Well, we all know that god works in mysterious ways!

I agree wholeheartedly, Dennis. I would just add one more thing - pollution. An example is the well my brother had on his property in northern Illinois. For years, he had access to clean, fresh water with the only cost the electricity to run the pump. But then, a Phillips Petroleum pipeline ruptured and the water he used to drink can no longer be used, since it's contaminated with benzenes from the petroleum.

I agree with you and Dennis.  Now with the fracking going on everyplace we're in danger of losing the water we have.  Plus the mountain top mining in the appalacians has ruined so many folks water they have to buy bottled water to drink and bath in.  The water that was once plentiful has became good for nothing but running the toilets  The search for more and more energy can't be sustained at the cost of people losing access to  water that's our very means of life.

Also, as Luara pointed out, the water used in livestock production and irrigating crops takes a tremendous amount of water that was once widely available.

"Running out of water" means that the groundwater gets depleted (or possibly polluted).  Most of the water is used for irrigation of crops. The beef and pig industry uses huge amounts of water directly and indirectly to irrigate livestock feed crops. Also when population increases it puts pressure on water resources.  One in 3 people in the world are in a place with a water shortage. 

Although the amount of water stays the same and Earth has plenty of water in the oceans, water for a reasonable price is limited in many places and people end up fighting over it.  You could always get water for a high price, by purifying used water etc. 

Luara, you are exactly correct here, and even the polluted well Pat talks about could be cleaned and water re-claimed, but the cost would be overbearing. This makes the useable water at our disposal a cherished resource.

thanks.  good stuff indeed.  

he sure is funny, though!




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