De-Boobed (or, why my boobs matter more than a violation of the separation of church and state)


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One of the first things that come to mind regarding your incident in the theater is that whole succession of who shouldn't uncover whose nakedness and why in Leviticus.  That plus the business of the snake and the apple in Genesis speaks to way too much religious involvement in the current cultural attitude toward body modesty.  That you are largely non-plussed about what society thinks of your boobs only reflects a healthy attitude regarding yourself and them.

Add your observation about the pic with Jebus in it only further exemplifies how much religion has inveigled itself into our culture and too often unwelcome, certainly to us.  And yeah, a call or email to the FFRF is certainly in order.  It'll raise hackles and lots of good christian people will feel insulted that someone thinks their boy is inappropriately being displayed in a government organization.  My response to them is simple:

No one has the right not to be offended.

Nice story there, Tori. While I imagine that your physical parts are a delight to the eye, I can also imagine that if that was truely a government building I would contact the FFR group to try a lawsuit and have the religious images removed from the building. That's how it should be.

Too bad that religionists today think that they are attacked and so persecuted if you try to separate church and state.

Thanks for the engaging storytelling... and that you're setting an example of healthy attitude towards your body parts!

As for the Jesus painting, I hope contacting the FFRF does some good. No one has the right to have their religion privileged as a matter of course.

Thank you all for your great responses :)

That's pretty funny Tori, especially since many of the people who turned to look, probably didn't realize your boy was the one who exposed you!  They might have thought you were a boob-flasher, or your friends had dared you to do it. 

After all, guys flash their dicks sometimes - why not women too. 




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