Dead 3 day old infant prayed over for 15 hours before authorities called

Here we go again folks

By Michael Wesp - Online Editor/ KMSS News
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 5:17pm

Wells, Tx — Cherokee County officials are investigating the death of an infant, whose parents chose to pray over the baby before calling for help 15 hours after the child's death.

At around 4:00 a.m. Sunday, the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office received a call in reference to the death of a 3-day old infant.

The caller told dispatchers that the child was born on Wednesday and had passed away around 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. The caller admitted to praying over the child before calling 911.

Deputies, emergency crews and investigators responded to the Wells Manor Apartments on Wright Patman Drive and found the infant in a bassinette next to the bed in the master bedroom of the apartment.

The mother, father and several adults, who identified themselves as elders of the church with whom the parents are members, were present and cooperated with detectives when they arrived.

The identities of the family members and witnesses are not being released at this time.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Vera Foreman pronounced the infant at the scene and ordered and autopsy.

The investigation continues.

. And this is only 30 miles from where I live.

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People are sick!

Very sick. Just found out they are fudamentalist sect (of course) called YMBBA ministries (you must be born again), and the parents have 3 other children. Will post more as it comes out.

Sean Morris of YMBBA ministries (don't know if member or preacher), said " We weren't being foolish, we wanted god to be glorified. Concerning the place that we've sinned as elders and as a church after that child died we believed it was god's will that the child would be raised".

During the memorial service, Morris said Faith's death was part of god's plan. Morris believes god's truth will honor Faith's death.


    What kind of sick, demented, twisted, shitbag logic is that? And the tragic thing is, some people around here will AGREE with him. Disgusting. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Cherokee County SO and CPS are investigating. Don't know about prenatal care, but the baby was born at home, not the hospital. They are saying the baby may have been born in distress. Reports were the parents called church members instead of taking the baby to the hospital, and "prayed their faith would heal the child".

Morris said "We're not against hospitals or medical fields or medicine we use hospitals and medicine. We're not against any of these things all we're against is that putting those things supremely over christ".

Trying to get the quotes right. Seems they might have been praying before the infant died, and kept going for 15 hrs. after the infant died. That's how I'm reading the news reports right now. Will have to wait for follow up.

The most unfortunate part of this whole matter is that, very likely, this happened in a state where they can get away with NOT getting medical care.

That kid MIGHT have had a chance with a doctor's intervention.  Because his parents were more interested in "glorifying god" than his well-being, he had NONE.  If it were up to me, the parents would be charged with criminally negligent homicide, and anyone else on that site would be cited as an accomplice.  This bullshit about being permitted to trust in a 2,000-year-old myth rather than modern-day medicine has got to STOP.

State of Texas, deep East Texas, bible belt of Texas. That's the location, Loren.

This morning, they are saying the baby was born with blue hands and feet. If true definately in distress needing medical intervention.

Just one more thing to lay at the feet of ' fundamentalism', Big Daddy and J-Boy.

Blue hands and feet?  I'm no doctor, but an inter-ventricular fistula sounds AWFULLY likely.  Autopsy?  Oh, heavens, no!  That would violate their faith ... never mind put 'em all in the hoosegow!

Just got home from work. You will be happy to know a JP ordered an autopsy today. And this was against the wishes of the parents. Too bad.

Can we seriously hope that this brand of blatant stupidity comes with a properly severe price tag?  I HOPE SO!!!

Loren, it is stupidity. Pure and simple. This was a topic at work today. It is in our backyard. Just listening, the consensus was this was not true christanity at work, but also sky-daddy could have brought the child back if he wanted to.

I actually had to get up and excuse myself, I wanted to scream. It was the parents fault, they were saying, for not understanding the book of myths properly.

I finally said it was the fault of anyone who believed in the bible. Got real quiet. Think I might get talked to tomorrow. But hell, they were spouting off, and I couldn't contain myself anymore. Just have to see what happens.

If you do just explain logical fallacies to them.

The loss of a child's life is sad but I think the bigger question is did they learn anything from this? No. They would do it again. And again. Failure of action from prayer is not seen as a failure, I don't really know how they justify it but they seem to. Xtians are all very excited when they (ahem) 'see' their prayers come to life, but don't really say much when nothing happens, well, except for "why god, why?" and still get no answer.....

I agree with Jonathan, there should be a criminal investigation and certainly charges. It is not religious freedom, it is neglect.

Seen on the board of a local church over the weekend: God's delay is not God's denial.

Then what the bloody hell is it then??????


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