Is it me or does anybody else find it annoying or ridiculous that there are television shows, panel discussions and a host of other media outlets that devote time discussing celebrities who are dead as if they are alive? There is a new show "Diana at 50". There have been numerous shows about Elvis, Bruce Lee, Ayrton Senna and others.  We're not talking about memorializing them by discussing their achievements when they were alive. But they speculate on how much greater their careers would have been if they had lived. What is it about us that we can't say they are dead end of story. Your thoughts?

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The movie idiocracy does a funny job of predicting this. In it the president is an ex-wrestler with giant pecs that always brandishes assault rifles.  It is a B movie but is true in so many scary ways. This image is one of my favorites from the movie.

Oh now I have to see that.  Will check netflix.  Perry doesn't have pecs (well I don't really know that) but he does have nice teeth and hair.
So much for my chances for major office.
The term 'media circus' seems appropriate...ha...did you see the Iowa State Fair footage...Palin attracting people like flies to manure (had to make a manure reference, sorry) and she's not officially in the race...Perry looking and acting like a hell-fire preacher with a large political machine backing him up (and he wasn't even at the fair..he pulled attention away from the other candidates) ...Bachmann being all photogenic (most of the time) and getting the crowd chanting like a cheerleader she had Randy Travis at HER tent...whoooo.  Personally, I enjoyed watching poor Newt G wandering around like the kid who wished he was invited to the fun birthday party with the 'cool kids'...he looked completely out of his element.  Like his wife would have allowed him to eat that deep-fried food...Next stop? The GOP Debate on Sept 7th at the Reagan Library.  I'm looking forward to throwing peanut shells at the screen.
I had no idea Cameron Diaz did that and it's disappointing to hear this sort of stuff is running rampant: Celebrity-style politics.  Getting the "youth vote" is important (in fact, vital) but not this way...dumbing down the issues, sensationalizing the issues, and just putting on a pretty, artificial face to display to the audience...eye candy...not the ingredients for a healthy nation's future!
And since Ms....wait I'm going to say Miss....Diaz didn't vote in the first place that must mean: SHE thinks rape should be LEGAL.....what an idiotic stream of words.  (Maybe she was super, like, nervous or something.... )  Blonde Joke Walking.

Small minds talk about things; mediocre minds talk about people; great minds talk about ideas.

(I forgot who said it, and I'm too lazy to look it up.)





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