This news exploded all over deaf websites.  

Congratulation to Justin Vollmar

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I share this . I am also deaf atheist.  

i'm glad you shared it then.  i saw the story and was going to post it here but got tied up with work.  this probably means more to you than to most of us.  and i've never met a deaf atheist before.  do you post here often?  

Not really.  If something interesting come up, then I would post here but not often.  

There are lots of deaf atheists around, especially Facebook. I think it's called Deaf Atheists. I don't have a Facebook account and never want open account. 

I am looking forward  for Justin's new journey with his new screen name on YouTube. 

I'm glad he came out. His many years of study may be very helpful as now he will be preaching atheism.

This is fantastic! To struggle with the loss or absence of one of the precious few senses humans normally rely on, and still be able to sense bullshit even though the majority around you is eating it up like ice cream. Love it.

wow, never thought of it like that.  great point!

Very far out ... also very ballsy.  My congratulations to Mr. Vollmar, with wishes for a bright and promising future without god.

TODAY'S TOP STORY................



(hope that's not offensive; just made me think of the old old SNL skit.)

maybe he saw that HBO Documentary on the pedophile priests who savaged that camp for deaf children.  that was some powerful stuff.  

I saw thjat one.   Those people were the worst of the bunch.

That we know of anyway.  That entire situation was one of the worst religious scandals ever.  It amazes me that people believe when a person claims to be a 'man of god', or woman,they won't do anything wrong.  I think the sick bastards went into the church with the intent of molesting and the church fell for it.  Not only fell for it but covered for them for decades.

Common problem, I'll bet!  [grin!]




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