I was reading some of the other discussion topics but I was surprised I didn't see this already addressed. So my question is, what are your deal breakers? 

I have more than a few but some things are negotiable. However there are some absolute deal breakers. 

3. More than one small child. I'm not even sure I can handle one but I know more than one is too much obligation.

2. Neediness (is that a word?). This is usually tied into insecurity on their part. I shouldn't feel obligated to tell him he's a pretty princess everyday.

And number one on the charts is...

Bad Breath! How some people don't find their to the dentist regularly or (gasp) never floss, I'll never understand. 

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It is nice to see that I am not the only one why does not like pets but wouldn't mind having a kid, although I wonder if having a kid would be just to spite my family so I could say "see, I (we) had a son and didn't have him mutilated/ our kid is not being raised Jewish!"
Sucks for you, if you only have a bunch of girls, then. :-D
Nah, I don't thing I have a serious desire to have a son instead of a girl. I know my parents sort of wish they had a daughter, although they barely admit it when I ask, and I don't know why but I guess they would have been happier with a daughter instead of a son because they are Jewish and felt an obligation to do what they had done to me, a bris, a ritual Jewish male genital mutilation ceremony done when a Jewish boy is 8 days old. MGM is just wrong, right?
1. Ditsy empty-headedness. It's a pattern of behavior that's so prevalent and so annoying that it must be stated first. It's great to pretend to be that way while acting for a commercial, but for real life, it just seems like you're on the verge of Korsakov's syndrome. ...Hell, I might as well ask all the ones like that out for food just to try to feed them something and make them more interesting. A thought occurs: "I wonder if they act that way for that reason? Nah."

2. Short attention spans. My sentences tend to get so long that if you don't commit the beginning of the sentence to long-term memory, then you won't be able to understand what I've said once I reach the end of the sentence.

3. Shallowness and ignorance of self. I don't mean selfishness and the like; I mean living like a chalkboard, being wiped clean every night and not developing any kind of matured, grown character, opinions, or contrarity. I want a woman with some sort of fundamentals leading to a rich, complex character and who gives thought to her own thought.

4. Gods-awful spelling. It doesn't matter if she invents the soul, gives everyone one, and she and I are soul-mates; if she uses the letter "u" in place of the pronoun "you", then she might as well just die, 'cause I'd be tempted to strangle her with her own hands.

5. Super-fake eyebrows. Eyebrows are a part of the face and ought to have--as the face would be well-described as having in general--gentle transitions. This fad (I can only hope) of squaring off one's eyebrows into cleanly-defined sections of "eyebrow" and "not eyebrow" is visually alarming.

Oh, gods, it looks like one of those, y'know, "landing strip"s.

6. Ugly piercings and ugly tattoos. If they're actually well-applied and nice-looking, okay, but most of the tattoos and a too-large portion of the piercings that I've seen on women are repulsive and seem to me to have been chosen and gotten in a fit of exuberant, stupid eagerness. On the side of the nose and on the side of the face in that ambiguous region that's neither cheek nor upper lip and in which some facial hair of mine grows which I can attribute neither to mustache nor to beard are no places for a hole in your skin in which to install a shiny rock.

7. Walking like you have a stick up your ass. It's how I'd walk if I were a little kid again and had to walk somewhere while my rectum hurt from having to poop really quickly so I didn't get left behind at home for hours while my family drove around the city for a few hours doing some needed shopping. Well, at least while walking to the car, 'cause after sitting down for half an hour in the car, I'd be good.
I also think that if I see a girl with a tattoo or piercing, that would be the last time I would want to see her. I ask that all women reading this permanently remove any tattoos and piercings you may have before you see me.
If a girl has her ears pierced, you'll kick her to the curb?
I would like to but maybe I will chicken out and I won't, but I hope I do, because it is beyond my why anyone would (pay money to!) put a piece of metal through a hole in their ear. Anyone who would put ink in or holes through their skin needs to see a shrink and psych themselves out and quit desiring to screw up their body. Piercings are as bad as getting bones in your foot shaved or your tongue split or getting branded or desiring to cut off your legs or hands or pieces of your genitals. At best, make up, fake eyelashes, fake nails, nail polish, and hair dyes are all probably bizarre wastes of money. Writing on your own hand is, as you can imagine, just bizarre. Tanning (which should be called getting cooked or charred or a little burned) is a bizarre waste of money and also causes cancer and is just plain scary or ugly. Rings are scary and probably cut off circulation to your fingers and probably also damage your skin.
Rings are scary? Really? If they're sized properly, they don't do squat, man.

And you're aware that something like 99% of women have their ears pierced, right? Most girls get it done before they're 10. If you're going to be that demanding about piercings, you're either going to have to go gay or learn to enjoy celibacy.
"Anyone who would put ink in or holes through their skin needs to see a shrink and psych themselves out and quit desiring to screw up their body." You REALLY need to work on your wording...I have pierced ears (not my fault, my mom got em done when I was a baby, and I do NOT wear earrings) and a tattoo, and I'm probably saner than most people (which is saying something isn't it?). Don't make assumptions that because someone decides to ink/pierce themselves, that they're in need of psychological evaluation. Some people view tattoos and piercings as art (or just plain cool), not just a way to "screw up their body".
And I just noticed the part about writing on your hand. Really? Scribbling something down where you can't lose it before you get home means that you need to see a shrink? 60 seconds with a bar of soap, and it's gone.
60 seconds is too long to waste washing one's hands...this behavior is neurotic or obsessive-compulsive.
If you don't wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, you're not getting the job done. Ask the surgeon general of the United States.

Wow, I'm never shaking hands with you.




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