Now that the Exxon waiver request has been made, the big deal between Putin and then-candidate Trump in 2016 is obvious. If you're a US citizen, I suggest you tell your senators and representative to avoid being complicit after the fact. Here's the letter I sent to mine.

The Artful Deal between Putin and then-candidate Trump in 2016 has now been made obvious, with ExxonMobil’s application to the Treasury Department for a waiver from U.S. sanctions on Russia in a bid to resume its joint venture with Rosneft. That deal could funnel $500 billion to Putin. The quid-pro-quo surely was the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies’ plan to get Donald Trump elected using fake news churned out by an army of trolls and Kremlin-backed media outlets. I urge you to oppose the waiver. Don’t put yourself in the position of supporting America’s sellout to Putin, after the fact.

This is not the only indication that Trump has turned against the American people. Consider his unprecedented conflict of interest, nepotism, secrecy, and enemies-list approach to everyone who disagrees with his supreme authority. Consider the way his staff and appointees require protections from public scrutiny and enhanced security from angry citizenry.

The White House sidewalk will be closed to the public permanently. Is it just coincidence that citizens will no longer be able to pose with protest signs in front of the White House?

President Trump has drawn top White House staffers and his administration from a small army of former lobbyists and corporate consultants, eager to cut government regulations at the agencies they once sought to influence, and even to undermine those agencies entirely. Forget rules! Under Trump’s executive order, he can issue waivers at any time to staffers for any reason, and never disclose it. Even Walter Shaub, who runs the Office of Government Ethics, is being kept in the dark. “There’s no transparency, and I have no idea how many waivers have been issued,” Shaub complained.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is so resented by the public that she is receiving round the clock protection from the United States Marshals Service, despite the fact that all Cabinet members receive security protection through their individual agencies.

Trump has also turned against members of Congress who question his authoritarian drive. Secretary John F. Kelly most certainly spoke for Trump when he told congressional critics of the Department of Homeland Security to “shut up”.

Take heed! Trump was quick to call Turkey’s President Erdogan to congratulate him on winning the much-disputed referendum that will cement his autocratic rule over the country. With a foreign troll army and intelligence warfare ally to manipulate US citizens, Trump has the power to follow Erdogan’s example. Dealing away the election was just the beginning. I urge you to support current investigations into Trump and call for a special prosecutor investigation as well.

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This is some scary stuff. The problem here is that everyone puts up with it and simply starts calling you names if you comment about it. tRump appointments are a joke. DeVos, for one, is about as dumb as a rock. She's perfect for trying to put her Jesus back into public schools. Maybe she has been told that is what her department is all about.

Names like "snowflake" because we are all different, and "libtard" for retarded liberal really don't mean much and certainly don't explain anything that is going on. (Strange stuff is going on.) Not so long ago I was talking about tRump and suddenly the man I'm talking to opens up about Obama and AIG. I really do want to know what a former president and an insurance group have to do with tRump but the conversation never goes there. It's a diversion just like everything else the tRump supporters have.

I'm surprised that our government offices are putting up with all this nonsense which included a "nuclear option" to put your man in place dishonestly. The desire for power is so great that people around tRump will allow anything apparently. Now all of the tRump businesses are run by those who have 24 hour government protection. Is this even legal? Nobody seems to be challenging it.

The last I heard there is already over 13 million set aside for the 2020 re-election campaign. Are we also headed for autocratic rule?

As I see it we're plunging head first into overt autocratic rule, Michael. Not everyone puts up with it. That's the appearance portrayed by mass media, who are normalizing the destruction of democracy and incidentally ignoring climate destabilization too. People get their sense of what's real from TV, especially TV news. 

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Atheist Nexus is a refreshing window to reality.

I see it and I agree. We have to fight this or there will come a time that it has progressed beyond fighting with legalities and normal government and business law. What is happening now is that many are smiling and not taking any of this seriously. We had better wake up.

And today the House moved one step closer to dismantling the ACA, ensuring the exclusion of millions of Americans to affordable health care. This to divert more wealth to those who need it the least. I am furious and sickened.

How do the people getting screwed over the most keep voting for these monsters?

See the post, bending truth, or "We Can All Be Manipulated (TheraminTrees)
Posted by Loren Miller on October 7, 2015 at 11:13am in Hang With Friends

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