Recently, a child very close to me passed away suddenly from the flu. He was an adorable 7 year old boy and a true light in my life. I have had a very difficult time dealing with and accepting his untimely death. Friends and family are consoled by the idea that he is now "in a better place" or "running free with the angels". These comments really just make me more angry and I have found very few people locally that are able to understand my grief that he is in fact gone. And not to some magical land. Anyone have experience with this or suggestions? I'm struggling.

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What upsets me hearing about that is it's so damn unnecessary - if people would just get the flu shot, very likely there wouldn't be this yearly drama of winter flu and some people dying.  Only 38% of people get the flu shot in the U.S. I've heard.  But not getting the flu shot, even if one only gets a mild flu as a result, means infecting more people with the flu, and possibly killing someone.  People who get the flu can be asymptomatic, and people with asymptomatic infections may still spread the virus.  The flu shot is only about 60% effective this year, but if everyone got it, I doubt the flu would have a chance to spread as it has.  

And I read about a 4-week old baby who died recently from whooping cough, another death preventable by vaccination - not of the baby, but of the people who came into contact with the baby. 

Not the personal response you may have been looking for - but if you believe this is the only life we have, then consider protecting other people's only lives by getting vaccinated. 


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