Dan Barker said it all pretty well. I'm going to copy this letter and keep it around. Maybe give it to some of my christian friends.

   Here's the link http://www.stephenjaygould.org/ctrl/barker_believer.html

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Regarding the current discussion about whether atheists are arrogant, Barker's letter might be seen by some of them as prima-facie evidence to that effect ... with only one problem, to wit:

Can they deny or counter a single bit of evidence Barker presents?

I doubt they can, Loren. I agree with every word Barker wrote here.

Thank you - I am a big fan of his.


I transferred my link here over to Tony's discussion on whether atheists are arrogant. Maybe it belonged there anyway, but in my book Dan Barker hits the nail on the head.

As I said in the other discussion, this is the problem believers have with clarity: they're not used to it, don't deal with it well, are probably more than a bit embarrassed by it, and attempt to treat it as arrogance because of those reactions.  Absolutely, Dan Barker was utterly accurate in his "letter."  It is that accuracy and lack of ambiguity which the believers who read it will choke on, never mind that said clarity is employed to expose what they believe for the folly that it is and therewith dismiss it.

In this case, "arrogant" is christian-speak for "right."

I love that letter! It makes me sick when Christians say Christianity is the "religion of peace".

And when THEY aren't saying it, the muslims ARE ... which, in the light of the last few years especially, is pretty sick!

I agree. Neither one is a religion of peace.

After reading Barker's letter again I am thinking about printing this and putting it on my neighbour's door. They have a stupid Jesus sign on one of their garages that reads "May the Lord of Jesus Christ Be With You". Like really? Why would I want some barbaric man to be with me? That is disturbing.

May the 4's be with you. May the 5's be with you.   LOL

Keep in mind that Dan Barker was an Assembly of God minister for many years before he finally realized that he was atheist. I think he is co founder of FFRF. You can watch his lectures on You Tube.




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