Dear Hillary Clinton.... (not safe for work. profanity)

Today when you called me, I was on the toilet with diarrhea.  I rushed to the phone.  Did you know, you don't have caller ID?  But neither does my health plan, my employer, and my credit card company, and my doctor's office, and a few other people who selfishly don't supply their ID either, so I answer.








(Fast talking young person who mispronounces my name and won't let me get in a word edgewise.)

Click, again, this time me.  Fuck you, caller person.

I hang up, shuffle to the bathroom with my pants still around my ankles, wipe, pull them up, wash my hands, and curse myself for the ten thousandth time for being so stupid for the ten thousandth time, as to answer a no-caller-ID call.

Ms. Clinton, since when in polite society, do you interrupt a sick man on the toilet, don't tell him who you are or what you want, make him wait for your computer to connect some random call center minion to me, then act like you are doing me a favor by calling?  Asshole minion.  How do you know you are calling at a bad time?  Most any time probably will be, so at least tell your selfish little shit minion to be polite.  It might be their cause and yours, but it's my anus you were so rude to.  Your troops might think the superiority of their righteous cause is so much, so far more noble then my colon.  Your troops are wrong.

For that matter, yesterday when I was cooking, your minion did the same thing.  And it would not surprise me if that was your minion calling as I was falling asleep.  Sometimes, when I am eating.  Or working from home.  Although it could have been a University Alumni  Association, doing pretty much the same shitty behavior, since it is always their season for that.  But they are another rant.

Since when, in polite society, do you interrupt a person in whatever is their most intimate, or undignified, moment, or their treasured moment of rare rest, or their even more rare moment of leisure or pleasure, or while they are trying to get their endless work done, you intrude on their life, refuse to give them the knowledge to avoid or answer the call, make them wait for your goddam robo-computer to connect to a mindless random anonymous person who can't pronounce the call-ee's name and doesn't know the call-ee from Adam, not identify themself or what they want in the first sentence or when asked, and then proceed into a fast talking breathless spiel?  Like, didn't anyone on your team major in psychology?  In ethics?  In courtesy?

Ditto for the fake robo-surveys and robo-calls-recordings.  Incredibly dishonest and rude.  They make me want to vote against whoever they are representing and working for.  Why elect such an asshole?  Why give them precious hard earned money?

Ms. Clinton, these behaviors and disrespect, are why I wont give you money.  I agree with your cause.  I want you to win.  Even more, I would hate for you to lose to the other side.  But you treat me with no respect at all.  On the occasions when I gave you money in the past, you put me on your spam list, started inundating me with emails - so did your buddy, Barack - and started the robo dials.  How shameful!  And your team continues to call me and behave like rude little shits.

I want so bad to tell your minions why.  They don't even give me a chance to speak.   I can't even say "fuck you for treating me so shabbily", because the are trained to be so goddam rude, so disrespectful they will not even let me speak.  What an asshole way to behave, what a shitty way to treat your supporters.  You know, I've worked hard all my life.  Why not give me a little respect?

Ms. Clinton, I like much of your message.  I would fear most of your opponents with the fear of the scapegoat, which in may ways I think I would be.  But please - even if I want you to win, stop treating me like shit.  Shame on you, shame on your party, shame on the other party - which I assume does the same thing - shame on the charities, and shame on the politicians who in their own self-interest, allow such a rude, narcissistic, obnoxious system to continue.


(Nothing to do with atheism.  This is the only place I have where I can rant.  Well, except if we don't support a potential winner in the Demo party, the Republichristian zealots might win.)

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It's things like this, among multiple others, that caused me to register my phone with and why I report EVERY LAST INSTANCE of a robo-call or other suchlike unwarranted or unwanted interruption.  Personally, I'm less upset at the root motivation for the calls than I am overzealous phone bank programmers, whom I would gladly kick in the 'nads, given a chance.  Being that I CAN'T kick them, I leave that to the donotcall guys, and I make sure they're kept informed of these miscreants' doings.

But, unsurprisingly, political party calls are EXEMPT from the 'do not call' restrictions.

How did that happen?

Nothing like a good rant to release some stress. Hope you're feeling better, Daniel, both from your head to your rear end.
As an aside, the best thing I ever did was get rid of my land line. My cell phone number isn't "out there".


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