For a long time now, the people of the world have known that many Catholic priests have been sexually assaulting children. This happens so often that it has become a frequent punch line to jokes. Sadly, sexually assaulting children is no laughing matter. It is a crime. In fact, as far as crimes go, it is probably the worst crime someone can commit.

For a long time it has been known that the Catholic Church has been obstructing justice. They have moved criminal priests from city to city, country to country so that they could avoid prosecution for their crimes.

Recently, this criminal ring of child rapists has be exposed in multiple nations around the world and there has been one person who has been chiefly responsible for covering it up. This man is now he leader of the largest criminal organization the world has ever known and it is time to call for his arrest. It is time to arrest of one Joseph Alois Ratzinger, AKA Pope Benedict XVI.

Dangerous Talk is here by calling for immediate action by world authorities to bring this man to justice and to disband his criminal ring. Millions of children have been sexually assaulted and raped by the Catholic Church and they need justice.

Please help in this fight by joining the Facebook Group “Time to Arrest the Pope” and help to spread the word about it. Let the media know that the people of the world are demanding that Ratzinger be brought to Justice. Covering up and facilitating the continued mass rape of children is no small crime that can be overlooked.

This campaign needs to go internet viral, so I am really asking for your help on this one. There are all kinds of groups on Facebook asking for a million fans, but this is probably the most important and so I am asking for a billion fans. If we can get an extremely large number of supporters from all over the world, we can force authorities to take action.

We need to send a very clear message that the Catholic Church is not above the law and that they cannot rape children and continue to get away with it. If any business, corporation, or even emissaries from another foreign nation had done what the Catholic Church has done and continues to do, this would not even be an issue.

If the leader of some other country was personally responsible for the cover-up and continued facilitation of mass child rape incidents which number well in to the hundreds of thousands, the United Nations would put immediate sanctions on that nation and the United States would lead a strong coalition of nations to forcibly remove that leader from power and try him or her for crimes against humanity. How can the leader of the Vatican get away with such a heinous crime? It is time to arrest the Pope.

Blogger's Note: Because of the importance of this project I have posted this blog in it's entirety. I have also posted it in the discussion section so that fellow atheists can weigh in on how to make this campaign stronger. I encourage everyone to go to Dangerous Talk and read what others have to say about this blog and to join and spread the facebook group.  

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I'm sorry, what facts are wrong here? Besides, my blog is in promotion of the call to arrest the Pope for protecting mass child rapists. If you think that the Pope ought to be arrested, then join the group. If you don't think the Pope ought to be arrested, don't join the group and maybe even defend him.
No, I think he's being reasonable here, and the time for civility is done - I would say he is not being harsh enough if anything. Child rape calls for an emotional response, a strong, emotional response as well as a thoughtful response. What is important is outrage on the part of society at this organization which has only perpetrated evil on the human race for more than a thousand years. The Catholic church needs to die. We need to express our humanity and anger in every way possible in every forum possible until the pope and his legions are humiliated, defrocked and relegated to enemy of humanity status.
If the movement started to gain a foothold you can bet yer ass that ALL of Christiandome would come to his defense. They'd have enough sense to realize that if we could nail the Pope then the hand writing would be on the wall for all the rest of them as well.
Yes it would, but how would or could Christians defend mass child rape. Please help to promote the this facebook group.
I don't know. Christian sects bicker among themselves and some don't even consider Catholics to be Christians. They'd probably just say "see, Catholicism is wrong and therefore our branch is right."
One less sect to deal with. Please help to promote this facebook group.
First you call me a hothead, insist that is a bad thing, and then threaten me with bodily harm if we were face to face. I think Verne, you are the hothead and need to take a breath.

Second, after looking into it, there are at least over 100,000 reported cases within the last 50 to 60 years globally. How many cases have not been reported is a mystery and how far back does the rape of children go within the Catholic Church? It very well could be millions. But that is not proven, so I will retract that statement. At least a hundred thousand children have been raped and sexually assaulted by the Catholic Church. That doesn't sound so bad, maybe they should just get away with it. Never mind that whole arresting the Pope thing. 100,000 children raped, who cares?
I think you need to tone it down a bit there Verne. I actually appreciate being called out when it is done without threats and in a respectful tone. I addressed the issue of the numbers and tried to keep the conversation civil. I never insinuated or implied that you support child rape, you made that up presumably to justify your threat of bodily harm. What I said and will continue to say is that if you think the Pope ought to be arrested for obstruction o justice in regard to the child rape scandal of at least 100,000 cases, you ought to join this facebook group. If you don't think the Pope ought to be arrested, then don't join the group. It really is that simple. No emotional appeals, no insinuations, no threats, etc. Do you or do you not want the Pope to be arrested for these crimes? The idea is that if we can get enough support through this group, we can put media pressure on governments to take action. Join or don't join. There is no obligation except to express your opinion. No money is involved, no action is really required. Just stand and be counted or don't bother. It really is that simple.
"you dont get support by inflating statistics" Actually that is a false statement. The most popular organizations and movements on earth are built on false information. Have you never seen an advertisement?
I also joined a fan page if you dont like facebook groups and prefer fan pages...
I think it's mainly the docility of the people whose minds are held hostage by Catholic ideology that feeds their ability to mock the law.

Former Catholics should organize themselves and unite and become political.

One great idea that I had some time ago (would be an uphill battle) is to organize a massive APOSTASY movement, that is to get multitudes of people to finally get an apostasy certificate from the church. The church does this sometimes for people who convert, especially if their new religions require it for baptised Catholics. Anyone who wants to convert to judaism, for instance, requires a certificate of apostasy that the halakhah (Jewish law) requires and the Catholic clergy must provide. I think the Baha'i Faith and others also require it when people convert. BUT the bureaucracy behind this is IMMENSE and almost unsurmountable.

I tried to declare my apostasy for some months and eventually gave up after getting the runaround. The Catholic Church has one of the worst, most inefficient bureaucracies on Earth especially when it comes to inconveniences such as this one. I was told that it is impossible to reverse baptism and that the apostasy declaration would only deem me un-Catholic but I'd be a baptised Christian forever. I was also told to contact the diocesese where I was born, which is a huge inconvenience.

There needs to be an easier way in our day and age, maybe where people can delcare their apostasy and get a certificate of apostasy online. What if a person is converting to Judaism to get married? Do they have to stop making plans in their life until the senile clergy of the Catholic Church decides that a person's concience is finally an important matter?

If thousands of people gain visibility in their struggle to declare apostasy, even if they can't get their certificates, I think this would be a huge symbolic effort and would grant visibility to the clergy's clear loss of power and credibility. The church should not be like the mafia, where you can get in but not get out. Apostasy would lead to lessening their power and to a more open and transparent culture, and more open challenging of the clergy.
"Former Catholics should organize themselves and unite and become political. "

Being a Catholic is like being an alcoholic:One is either under the spell of their condition,dead or in recovery. There is no such creature as an ex-Catholic.

A recovering Catholic for over 40 years, I would rather eat my own scrotum than associate with the bunch of fruitcakes you describe.(using myself as the template)




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