Wickersham's Conscience is a blog from a Fairbanks, AK attorney.  I came across this blog post today and had to share it here.  In case you didn't know, Pat Tillman was a hard core atheist and supremely intelligent individual.  Sarah Palin "is not qualified to lick the dust off Pat Tillman's boots".


I can't tell you how sick I am of this woman.  My God (sorry, old habit) but she is pathetic. 




Dear Sarah:


In your speech in California last night, you pointed to Pat Tillman as an excellent example of an American hero. Sarah, even if you could manage to get your foot out of your mouth long enough to try, you’re still not qualified to lick the dust off Pat Tillman’s boots.


Pat Tillman gave up a multi-million dollar NFL career to serve his country as a soldier. You quit serving your country as governor of Alaska to pursue a multi-million dollar career as a bad author and worse public speaker. He became a soldier; you became an overpaid flak. Do you see a difference?


Pat Tillman was killed by “friendly fire.” He was shot several times by his fellow Army Rangers. The Army lied about it for years. They lied to Tillman’s family. They lied to the American public. To quote Patrick Tillman, Sr., “They blew up their poster boy.” You lie to the American public about your career, your accomplishments, your beliefs and your politics. Do you see a difference?


Pat Tillman was motivated by pure patriotism. You are motivated by pure greed and lust for power. Do you see a difference?


Pat Tillman stands more for the hypocrisy of the U.S. Army and U.S. government than his patriotism. In 2005, his mother, Mary Tillman, said the government used her son for weeks after his death, perpetuating an untrue story to capitalize on his altruism. You’re still doing it.


WC would ask you if you are ashamed of yourself. But we already know the answer to that one, don’t we? You’re just shameless.


WC doesn’t often ill-wish. But WC hopes that some day, some day soon, for preference, you experience just a fraction of the suffering that Patrick Tillman and Mary Tillman have had at the hands of purulent fools like you.



/s/ Wickersham’s Conscience

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Sarah Palin and her ilk should have to pay the Tillman family royalties for the mere mention of his name. When Faux News and the like speak of patriotism, it sounds more like nationalism. I’d like to learn more about the events surrounding Pat’s death and the army’s cover up. I know Richard Tillman (Pat's brother) was on Real Time with Bill Maher to talk a little about it, and I think they made a film about it.

Read: "Where Men Win Glory" by Jon Krakauer. It's an incredibly well done potrayal of Pat Tillman's life, death and the subsequent coverup of that death by the military hierarchy.
Pat Tillman's name should never come from that skank Palin's mouth. The Tillman family values distances the values of the Alaskan hillbillies by parsecs. He was an American hero in all sense of the word and Palin associates with separatist traitors (the Alaskan Independence Party) - she's scum.




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