As u know from my profile and threads that I am an ex-Muslim, we ex-muslim atheists value your courage and bravery for being critical of Christianity, Christian fundies, young earth creationists.
But you folks have freedom of expression, we atheists living in Muslim countries have no rights, we are the most likely to be killed by ISIL & Al Qaeda, before they invade USA, France, UK Germany etc.
I think it is about time to wage war against Islam, there are millions of us in Arab & Islamic countries.
And I know how atheists are very vocal, and you should use your voices to help us with reforming our laws in the Arab world.
Thank you, in advance.


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Jaber, you may already know what I'm about to write.
Islam is treating ex-Muslims maybe worse than Catholicism treated ex-Catholics and other non-believers during the Inquisition.
And, after protestors broke away from the Roman church, Western European nations had centuries of religious wars. I've read that the Sunnis and Shiites in Islamic nations started their wars before the European nations did.
Peace seems to come when the warring people finally learn war isn't doing anything for them so I don't know what atheists can do to bring peace to Islamic countries.
I hope peace comes soon.
Jaber, I feel that atheists are in a unique position to support you because we truly understand what religious freedom means. Christians in the US tend to see it as a clash of ideas. Jews tend to see it through the lens of middle eastern conflict. Atheists see that the real issue is about religious liberty. The perfect example is Americans who don't want refugees here. They are too focused on the clash of religious ideas that they don't see it as a war against theocracy. The issue is religious freedom and theocracy in any form is the enemy. Islam is particularly harsh in its suggested treatment of non believers and atheists understand that the people living under theocratic rule are very likely to be advocates for liberty, especially when they don't have it. Here we are with our religious freedom and can't see these invisible allies. There are 5 things that Americans should do and 5 things they should not do in order to support people in these theocratic nightmare nations:
1. Call out bad governments and their policies.
2. Call out bad ideas in religion that lead to these policies.
3. Call out bad actors like terrorists, dictators, or any enemy of liberty.
4. Advocate for religious freedom and it's virtues. Convince religious people and leaders that freedom is the cause that benefits everyone.
5. Welcome refugees fleeing theocratic states.

Now DON'T:
1. Blame people outside of these theocratic states for the situation in those States.
2. Don't try to stop religious people from being religious.
3. Don't expect religious people to understand a critique of their religion.
4. Don't fear the people who live under theocracy.
5. Don't expect these ideas to moderate themselves. We need to call them out loudly and publicly because liberty is both the goal and the tool to achieve it for others.

Best of luck to you in your tough situation. We are with you.



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