As an Atheist, how do you deal with it?

It's definitely, definitely the hardest thing for me. I think about how crappy it is to have a mother who is hurt by my religious decisions, but how much worse would it be to realize that when I lose someone in my family, they're gone forever?

A lot of the Atheists I speak to don't think about it, or don't seem to mind. What do you think?
(Hopefully this isn't a duplicate thread.)

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Time is the great master, It will tell you what to do ! don't bother about it and enjoy every moment of your life positively sympathy words
I have had plenty of experience with loved ones dying. My daughter, my mother, father, grandmas, aunts, uncles... The hardest thing to accept is the notion of your own non-existence. I was in a bad accident and in a coma for 4 weeks. There was no 'light' or god or anything. Actually, It was about 2 years later that I realized that it was simply nothing during those 4 weeks. No awareness at all. I credit it with my atheism. Since death effects 100% of the earth's population you would think that humanity would be better at dealing with it by now. Thats what you get for thinking.
I was raised catholic and the specter of hell weighed upon me even after I rejected all religions.
To tell the truth, I was a bit suicidal before coming to the conclusion that there is no kind of god at all, and now I am looking forward to life again, so the truth about death has been an improvement to me.

I don’t remember where I heard this, but, death is the same state we were in before birth. It's been our state for all but the tiniest blip of time which is our lives. It is our natural state interrupted by our life.

I am fairly new to atheism, but I am hoping this thought will help me should I become upset by the fact of my own and other's endings.
We go from being nothing,to being nothing.When people is older,has a desire to die, sometimes.We cannot change the laws of natrure.Schopenhauer the German phillosopher put it simply:"after death, there is nothing,absolutedly nothing".Religions make us believe there is something as a prize for a good life, but this is against freedom.There are no sins, just options".
Death does not scare me one bit. Call me crazy, but I cant wait to see what happens!!! There are so many "What ifs" What if we all get reincarnated?? Or what if there is a special afterlife?? Or what if it's just nothing?? It truly is life's greatest mystery. But dont worry, I'm not going to go and kill myself anytime soon. And losing someone is hard because we miss them so much!! My heart goes out to all of you who have lost someone and are still grieving.
Call me crazy, but I cant wait to see what happens!!!

I think being dead means that you can't "see what happens". Show's over.
Death does not frighten me. The process of dying, especially in America frightens me alot. We give more compassion to suffering animals than to humans. I don't want to die in pain, but it will probably happen here. I am not concerned about my 'soul' or other such nonsense. I'm concerned about living a good life full of joy, giving, and love. If I die while doing those things, I will die happy. Others may worry about where I'm going after I die, but I won't.
The thing about death is that it is inevitable. You can not avoid it, so one must either shy away from it, or confront it. Confronting death is not easy, but remember that death is truly permanent.

Being an atheist does not mean that our mourning is wrong - we are mourning for the person's passing, not asking for forgiveness from "God".
Everything dies. Without death, life would be meaningless and if we did not die there would be no room for our children to live their lives. Death is a requirement of our existence. It is natural and I do not fear its finality in the least. If we live lives where we do more good than bad, that good lives in those around us, and they pass it on. In the end, we are the sum of our memories and experiences....

Do I care that all we do is rot and return to the earth? No. We are already insignificant, dust in the universe, that we pretend to be more than we are is a fault of religion...claiming we are somehow divine "children" of god that deserve eternal life (which sounds boring)....I have no problem with the notion of my body returning to the trees and living on that way...and my kids taking my DNA around with them....

As for those I love dying, well, if I do my best to remember them and bring up what they taught me and otherwise keeping their memory alive, then I always have them with me in some is more tragic if they did not get to live a full life, but tragedy is part of life as well as joy...I think my life is healthier accepting that they are gone and only memories than those that hold on to hope that they will see them in some light after death....that is living for what comes later, not for what is now....
I was once engaged to a man that did not believe me fully when I told him I was an Atheist. He insisted that I was full of "Christian" morals, and such a good person that he felt 'when the time was right' i would magically 'believe in God', again. I suppose he didn't want to think that when we 'died' he would go to heaven, and I would go to hell. I would just laugh at him when the subject was brought up. This was a very touchy subject within our relationship, and honestly, I'm glad I do not have to deal with it anymore.
My husband is Agnostic, but he supports how I want to believe.

When a person dies, it's a nice mind stet to believe that they have 'passed on to a better place'. Nobody wants to face the truth that for that individual, life is over, and they will never see them again. Christianity allows for individuals to feel a sense of assurance that their loved one is not gone 'forever' and that they will see them again.

I, personally, think about death more than the average person. When I was younger, this was thought of as to be 'depression'. I don't wish to die, so this isn't a symptom of some disorder, instead it's a result of my thinking mind. I think about everything, and I tend to 'overthink' most things. This isn't always bad though, I can honestly say that I fully think through all my decisions before I make them.

Death is a process that we must all face, regardless of if we like it or not. Your life is lived, only to end at some point in time. Those that you said 'ignore' death, I think thats a great way of living life actually. What is so wrong with ignoring your eternal fate? Death isn't something you want to think about everyday, trust me! It would in turn, only depress you to think about not living anymore.

Therefore I suggest this bit of advice: Live your life without thinking of death because if you constantly think of death, what life did you truely live?
If you're so obsessed with death, you will only waste your life to finally meet your eternally fated friend.

Life is too short. :)
I look at it this way. Do you remember what it was like before you were born? It wasn't painful or unpleasant in any way was it? So that's what it's like to be dead. It doesn't bother me.
Since I never believed in an afterlife I can't say I really understand your loss, but I cannot imagine any afterlife which I would want to experience for eternity. Think of it. ETERNITY. For ever and ever. That's a hell of a long time to chat to your rellys. It would make watching reruns on TV seem like your first sexual experience!

I don't want to live forever, really I don't.
I create. I write. I enjoy life.

I reproduce! Spread those genes!

I remember those who have passed. I cherish their memory.

While the idea still scares and brings me down, I don't let it ruin my time here.




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