Hello friends.
Over the past year i have been shoring up some of the financial holes left in our family by the death of my father 2/20/12.
When the grieving process was finally over i noticed an error on his death certificate. The date he was admitted for a health concern he was experiencing had been listed correctly. It was  August 17, 2011 when I and my sister Theresa (an R.N.) accompanied my dad to a hospital about 15 miles from his home. He remained in the hospital until his death the following year. Copies of the death certificate were obtained and distributed as necessary. No one really looked carefully at them at the time.
Yesterday, i noticed the date listed for his death was before the date listed for his admittance for care. All of the requisite professionals including the coroner and funeral director all signed the certificate and it looked quite competently rendered. Everybody saw the thing. Nobody ever questioned it. Nobody except me, the atheist. The year he died had been listed as 02/20/11 instead of 02/20/12. My mom, a devout Roman Catholic is not happy about revisiting any of this. (My phone says the customer I've dialed does not wish to talk to me at this time.) So, my dad has been buried more than a year and a half.We will be fixing this shortly. Lawyers are being contacted this morning.
I don't accept this was a mistake. I look at it as a staged test to see if we are all a bunch of dumb non-conceptual creatures or if in fact we are actually thinking knowledgeable concept oriented aware human beings. Grief shuts us off from the higher mental faculties human beings possess. But when grief is over, analysis returns...
The fact that I, the lone atheist in my family/community am first to awaken from this spell of grief presents a lesson for us all.

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I was in a spin over such flagrant legal buffoonery.
I think part of it had to do with some or all of them being mentally torn down from partying on their off hours but you know it could be due to their theistic faith instead of my atheistic reasoned assurances, your right.

It's more likely an error than a test, Clarence. Who would be mean enough to go out of his/her way to do something like that to a family in mourning as a test?

My point here Ruth is that if such errors are part of the human standard amongst professionals in the coroner's office, i want no part of this crap.

While doing genealogy studied of my family, I ran across several errors, some made by obituary notice, a few tombstone markings and a few by a medical staff. None of these were deliberate errors; however, I felt compelled to make corrections where they could be made and posted notices on archival records. There was no evil intent, I am positive. Only errors that humans make when they do not stand at the bedside of a dying person. 

Well, i'm glad you were able to resolve the errors , as i did Joan. As far as to the intent, of the professionals who made them, if they were corporations we could fine them. They were people however. People who had a lapse in judgment. A lapse which credential and practice did not mitigate. I want no part of this kind of antistewardship thanks all the same.


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