I live in Britain, which as you probably know doesn't have capital punishment. How many of you are for it, and how many against? My own opinion is absolutely no, but then that's just me. The only time this came up, was in M.S. class, and I was the only person that thought it was wrong.

If you can be bothered to know what I think (I can’t see why you would). There was a case here in Britain about fifty years ago, (I can’t remember the names) two friends were escaping across a roof. They were cornered by the police, one drew a gun, the one behind (who was young (I can’t remember how young)) told the one with the gun to “let them have it”. The friend fired and killed four policemen. In court the person who shouted out was accused of egging on (don’t know legal term) and was hanged. He was later cleared, but only after he was killed. In my opinion, if just one innocent person is killed, you can’t do it.

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People confess to crimes they did not commit all the time. It happens, pretty much, every time there is a high-profile murder.
Perhaps we should kill everyone who confesses?
A few points here. In the U.K. I think high treason still carrys a death penalty. By hanging if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway I'm kinda on the fence although I wouldnt use it as Aiden would, I think its cheaper too kill a mass murder then 2 spend taxes on keepin em in jail. Take Charles Manson evidence is there so I dont see a problem in cases like that even though he didnt pull the trigger he was the driving force. But that said alot of people have been sentenced to death unwarrented and if they where put to death wouldnt that be murder in its own right? Should the judge and jury feel bad? Or be injected themselves? As they casued the death of an innonce person?(No but it leads to interesting conculsions).
DNA evidence is helping that alot and we will just have to see where that takes us.

On the physical evidence vs eyewitness testimony are any of you aware of the test done by Professor Daniel Simmons? Its pretty funny really...
Murdering a murderer (including enabling/supporting) just makes you one too.
A man brutally rapes and murders a woman. A jury finds the man guilty. The man is sentenced to death and is eventually purged from existence. This makes us just as bad as him? I don't think so.
Only if the State rapes him and then kills him.
If it weren't already considered "cruel and unusual punishment", I'd support that too.
And murder isn't cruel or unusual? Sick.
Not when it's justified for the greater good.
Wow... justified murder. I guess you have the ability to discern who should live and who should die?
Please O omnipotent one, enlighten me on how you come to such infallible knowledge.
You may not agree with my view, but there's no need for you to be such an asshole about it. Personally, if someone I knew was murdered, I wouldn't want the killer kept alive in prison for the rest of their natural life, I would want them put to death.

But since you ask how I come to discern who should live and who should die, it's a rather simple concept:
Who should live? The innocent.
Who should die? The guilty. If you rape and/or murder, you are not fit for society and must be purged.

Of course mistakes are made in convictions (the West Memphis 3, for example), which is why our justice system is in dire need of reform. No one ever claimed it was infallible, but I would invite you to do better.
I can do better... don't use our justice system for vengeance murders, especially we cannot even be sure we are murdering the "right" person.
As for being an asshole... I'm not the one calling people names and advocating murder.
How is it justified?




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